30 Jul

Where Does Weight Loss Start?

Article By CJ Broussard

Losing weight is not something you just up and decide to do. It requires the right mentality, proper planning, determination, and tools that work. The right mentality is the most important of all these. This is the personal decision to being and continue.

If you do not believe you can do something, you won’t. A task as difficult as losing weight has to be driven from within to be a successful campaign. Many people are losing weight for the wrong reasons.

They are worried about what people think when they see them, want to impress another person, or simply try to be something they are not. All of these reasons for losing weight can backfire and result in a tremendous weight gain.

I challenge you to look at weight loss in a different way. Instead of thinking “I want to be slimmer”, think “I want to be more healthy”. Take a second and actually think about those statements. Now you might be wondering what’s the difference between the two.

Look at it like this, weight is a concept of the now. Meaning anybody can gain or lose it at any given time. Health on the other hand is a concept of now and later. Weight fits under the category of health. Let’s look at athletes for a second.

Many athletes will tell you that they perform differently based upon what weight they hold. Not because of the number of pounds on their frame, but because of the composition and substance of their bodies. They are conditioned and nourished properly- aka healthy.

This should be your goal too. To be as healthy as you can be. If your body is as fit as it can be, the exterior will reflect that. I’m sure you know the famous phrase “You get out what you put in”, there is no greater place for application of these words than when talking about the body.

Take note of your weight, but only use it as a reference point. Eventually the scale will not change because muscle weighs more than fat. So please don’t obsess over the dial not moving. If you feel healthier and more active, you are moving in the right direction.

Take the time to make sure you are living a healthy life and your appearance and weight will be better than ever before.

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28 Jul

Changing Your Habits To Increase Weight Loss

Quite often one of the best ways for most people to get started on a weight-loss program is to simply change the routine that they are accustomed to.  Once you realize that most weight problems are related to bad habits you will understand that if you can eliminate these bad habits weight loss will follow.

There is no better way to break a habit than to do something completely different and if you do it for long enough that will become the norm and changes in your lifestyle can be made within the course of a month if you habitually do the same thing every day – just make sure that the things that you do every day are making positive steps to achieving a better quality of health and lower body fat.

As most things that we do in life are habitual we rarely think about the actions we take as we go about our daily routines on autopilot. Unfortunately everything we do throughout the day includes both good and bad habits and it is those bad habits that are causing the damage.

If you make a concerted effort to change many of your normal routines you might find that these habits present themselves and you can begin to understand why you started putting on weight in the first place. If you know the reason for your condition that makes it a lot easier to reverse that state and get to where you want to be.

Only target one of these habits at a time as it will becomes a lot easier to make the changes and often changing one habit can have a positive affect on many other habits. The process certainly becomes easier the more you do it in and by concentrating more on that area rather than the food itself you will find that weight loss is not such an overwhelming part of your life.

26 Jul

Are You Ready To Lose Weight? Try Walking.

Losing weight can be compared in a lot of cases to somebody trying to give up smoking particularly for a person who has been overweight for a long time and who has had bad eating habits for much of their life.

Like smoking, over eating is a habit that is quite difficult to break for the
majority of people.

It is for this reason why many people spend the majority of their life going from one weight-loss program to another in the search for the Magic answer that will get them in the shape that they desire. 

Once again by likening this to giving up smoking, a person who is trying to
lose weight will have a considerably better chance of success if they have
made up their mind completely that this is what they want.  So remember to set reasonable goals that you can achieve. After all, a goal is useless if you have no hope of reaching it.

If you start a weight-loss program without the intention of following through to the ultimate outcome, the doubt that is always in the back of your mind will make it so much easier for you to fail.

For many people it is more about what goes on in the mind than what they are putting into their stomach and you might have to deal with these issues first before you have any opportunity to lose weight and get in shape.

Mind power is a very powerful thing that can work for or against you and by
eliminating habits from your life you will be retraining your mind to accept
the new lifestyle as your natural state whereby you will be able to maintain
a good healthy body weight for the long-term.

We do most things in life subconsciously including good and bad habits and
by turning those bad habits into positive lifestyle changes so that your
bodyweight won’t be something that is constantly the focus of your life.

One of the simplest and most effective exercises to lose weight is walking.
Even brisk walking is known to be of immense use as a cardio workout. It
will also help tone up your legs, hips and stomach. You can incorporate
walking into your day to day life activities and feel the difference in a matter of days.

One of the first things you should do before  you start walking is the need for quality walking shoes.  These will help prevent aches and pains in your legs and feet and help keep your back supported. Also if it has been some time since you’ve exercised, please check with your doctor before starting any exercise routine.  If/when you get the ok by your doctor, remember to follow any directions he gives you and take it slowly.

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24 Jul

Fast Fitness For Busy People

With peoples schedule’s nowadays it is hard to find time to exercise, but if you make exercise a part of your day, you will experience some noticeable benefits. 

These include:

Waking up in the morning feeling refreshed
Walking with a gait
Having energy left at the end of the day
Feeling more optimistic about recreation
Sleeping more soundly at night

Other benefits of exercise is that it prevents heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes just to name a few.

If you think you can’t possibly work in exercise in your busy schedule, think of it as a major task in the office.  Break it up into smaller portions, for example instead of exercising for two hours, do it for 30 minutes 3 – 4 times a week.  Remember that variety promotes interest in maintaining your workout schedule.  Without variety, boredom sets in, causing you to drop out. 

Add walking to your workout routine.  Walking raises the heart rate, induces sweating to release toxins from the body and targets almost the whole body for an easy and effective workout. You can choose what pace you want to walk but the faster you walk; the more calories you will burn and the quicker your muscles will become tone!

While you are at work take a break and go for a brisk walk around the office or walk up and down the stairs.  If you travel for business, it is easy to incorporate exercise while on the road.  Bringing the right pair of walking shoes will encourage you to walk up the stairs instead of take the escalator, to walk instead of taking the conveyor belt, and to transfer from one concourse to another on foot instead of taking the shuttle service.  Take advantage of the hotel gym or pool – 30 minutes on a treadmill or 10 laps in  the pool is all it will take.  If your job requires you to travel at least four times a month, ask your company’s travel department to book you in hotels with gyms or a swimming pool.

Always remember to carry comfortable shoes, padlock, foldable, light gym bag, quick dry clothing by keeping these items in your suitcase at all time you will not have to remember to re-pack them.
Remember, some of the cardinal rules:

Don’t do too much at once; start slow, and build a foundation of fitness

Exercise for more than cosmetic appeal; your inner-body needs to be fit, too, especially as you age

Plan ahead and stay in hotels that offer you fitness equipment

Carry essential fitness tools with you as you travel

Eat healthy and properly so that you don’t “hit the wall” as you become fit

Keep a record of your successes through a journal or log

Exercise with friends or other people who share a common fitness interest with you and make new friends in the process

Manage your time effectively so you can incorporate a fitness program into your daily routine.

As you can see it is very easy to incorporate exercise into any schedule.  Just takes a little planning if you travel.  What will your rewards be for your efforts?  Statistically, you’ll look better, feel better and have a higher quality of life.

Good luck and get moving.

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21 Jul

Boost Your Metabolism

First off lets talk about what metabolism is. Metabolism, is the process of transforming food into fuel.  Your metabolism is a constant process that works in two seemingly opposite ways: anabolism uses energy to create cells, and catabolism breaks down cells to create energy.

Ok so now lets talk about ways to rev your metabolism up.  Try working out or going for a walk in the morning to wake up your system. Be sure to eat breakfast since your body has been without food for at least 8 hours and make sure you eat healthy and nutritious one. You don’t want your body going into “starvation mode” which it will when you haven’t eaten in some time. Eat a small amount of protein with each meal as evidence shows that foods rich in protein increase the burning of calories by about 25%.  Eating whole grain cereals or Oatmeal takes longer for your body to digest therefore increasing your metabolism and keeping insulin level low.  When your insulin level increases it tells your body to start storing fat, which slows down your metabolism.

Foods such as asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, celery and some other high fiber foods are low in calories and take more energy to digest which in turn raises your metabolism.  The fat burning process of metabolism needs water to work effectively and your body has to raise your metabolism to burn extra calories to warm up the ice cold water you drink so drink plenty of water. 

Foods high Omega3’s such as Tuna, Salmon lowers leptin levels which is believed to influence metabolic rate.  Lower leptin levels increase metabolism and burn fat more quickly. Fish-oil supplements may work just as well according to some research.

Eating spicy foods such as peppers, which contains capsaicin, can increase your metabolism by 8-to-20% for at least 30 minutes after eating them and you don’t have to eat a whole lot of spicy foods to get the benefit.

Make sure you get 6 – 8 hours of sleep.  People who are sleep deprived, typically find that they have less energy to do regular, daily activities.

Keep moving during the day such as taking a walk during your break at work. Take the stairs or the long way to where you are going.  Incorporate workouts that build muscle since muscles use more energy and if you just add 1 pound of muscle you can burn about 50 extra calories a day.

As you can see just a few changes can make a big difference in how your body’s metabolism functions.

20 Jul

Help Your Teen Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Although teens may have fewer weight related health issues than adults, if they’re already overweight, they are more likely to be an overweight or obese adult. Teens who are overweight are at risk from a number of health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure just to name a few.

So what can a parent or teen do to lose weight? One thing a parent can do is ask your teen to help decide which healthy snacks and foods should be on the grocery list and which ones should we eliminate for the entire family, not just the overweight teen.  A teen who feels empowered is more likely to tackle a weight issue.

Exercise, a healthy diet, and changing behaviors is what is going to make a
difference and help kids lose weight and keep it off.  A great way of breaking
the pattern of being inactive is to arrange activities that involve plenty of
movement for the whole family.  Start off slow and go for a walk around the
block or if you have a dog, take the dog for a walk.  You could also encourage your teen to get their friends to walk with them. Walk extra laps around the mall, turn on the radio and dance around your bedroom. Finding ways to move more will add up to burning calories and being healthy. It doesn’t need to be long at first, the important thing is getting up and moving. Just take it one day at a time, it might be hard at first but the more you do it, the better you and your teen will feel.

One of the biggest mistakes many of us make is trying to find shortcuts or quick fixes to lose weight fast. These kinds of shortcuts can quickly backfire, and some can even be dangerous to your health. Avoid fad diets, skipping meals, diet pills, fat burning supplements and excessive exercising these rarely work.

Encourage your child to eat smaller portions and include more fruits and vegetables and other healthy snacks. It is imperative for those teens to lead both an active life, and have a healthy diet, in order to achieve maximum performance and productivity.  It is true what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it.  A good nutritious breakfast will help jump start your teen’s day and their metabolism.  Juice and whole grain toast, skim milk string cheese or a piece of fruit is a good way to start your day.

Don’t talk to your teen in terms of being skinny or fat, talk about how to be healthy and find the right weight for them. We can all eat and be healthier so if the whole family gets involved your teen will not feel so isolated or feel like they are missing out on something.  These habits of eating healthy and being active will stay with your teen for a long time and give them a good foundation in their adult life.

When you start exercising and eating right, the scale won’t always reflect the changes your body is making. It’s possible to gain muscle and lose fat, which won’t show on the scale even if it shows in how your clothes fit. So keep at it.

19 Jul

Walk For Your Health

So you want to lose weight and you know you will have to exercise if you really want to shed those pesky pounds. Walking is one of the best ways to get you active to burn up calories. It is a low impact exercise and therefore suitable for all fitness levels but especially for those just starting an exercise routine.  Walking is something we do every day so we don’t need to learn how to do it.  Walking is inexpensive, nothing special to buy besides a good pair of walking shoes and/or an inexpensive pedometer so that you can keep track of how far you are walking and you don’t have to join a gym to do it.

Some of the benefits of walking besides weight management is that it is good
for your heart, cardiovascular system, joints and muscle tone. Walking burns almost as many calories as jogging. Increases your metabolism for up to 12 hours after you’ve walked even as little as 2 miles! Walking also works as an appetite suppresser. It’s peaceful and can help you clear your head.  It will also help you release some stress and tension from every day life. And it gets you outdoors and into some fresh air.

One of the most important keys to walking and losing weight is to take it slow.  This is especially important if you haven’t done any sort of exercise in some time.  Remember not to over do it, gradually work your way up to longer distances.  This will insure that you don’t injure yourself and that you stick to it.  Incorporate short spurts of fast walking to get the full effects and walk on varied terrain, this helps to get your heart rate up and will help keep your walks from getting boring.  If you get bored with it, you will not keep doing it and that will not be good.  Try to walk at least 30 minutes, this is so that your heart rate get up and your body will start working.

Losing weight shouldn’t be a chore so remember to enjoy yourself while walking and reap so many of the benefits besides the obvious.  A good pair of shoes is important, something with support so not open toed or sandals.  Listening to music could also make this an enjoyable time as well as varying your terrain. A minimum of 30 minutes a day is all that is needed to get yourself in better shape and health.

18 Jul

How To Lose Weight Walking And Still Have Fun

If you want to lose weight, then walking is a wonderfully easy way to lose weight.  Slipping on a pair of comfortable walking shoes and going wherever your feet lead you can give you a feeling of exhilaration that few other activities offer.  If the weather is bad, you can go to the nearest mall and walk while you look at all the store displays.

To get your body into the fat burning mode that it needs to lose weight you should do your walking first thing in the morning with an empty stomach.  And because of the way the body works when it comes to storing energy, an effective walking weight loss plan may require about 60 minutes a day of walking. Walking at a brisk pace burns 300 to 400 calories an hour depending on your weight.

For the best results you should alternate between a slow, moderate and fast pace. You will start by walking slow for five minutes and then go from that to fast for ten minutes. Then change the intensity of your walk every two minutes. Continue this for the duration of your walk. With this technique, you train your body to not reach a plateau – something that would happen if you walked at the same slow steady rate everyday.

Here is the different walking paces:

Slow – Normal walking speed that takes little effort and breathing is close to

Moderate – Walking at a faster speed with some effort and breathing becomes hard.

Fast – Walking at a fast rate of speed with a lot of effort and breathing becomes difficult.

To make your walking exercise program fun, take trips to exciting places where you don’t have to think about the time. Bringing an MP3 player, cd player or portable radio will also help make your walking to lose weight enjoyable.

Walking is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to lose weight. Walking to lose weight can be done all year long and anywhere you choose.  Vary your walking pace to get the most out of your walks.  Bring some music and enjoy the outdoors while you are walking to lose weight, you will be surprised how fast 60 min will go by.

18 Jul

How to Lose Weight Walking For a Healthy Weight Loss Exercise

Article by David George Griffiths

If you want to learn how to lose weight walking, then there are a few things you should be aware of first. Walking is one of the most widely recognized weight loss exercises available. Many swear by the effectiveness of this very simple activity. It can be very fulfilling and get results relatively quickly. If you plan to take up a walking routine, then learn what tools can better help you achieve success as well as a few tips to get started.

If you are serious about weight loss, then consider investing a few Pounds in a pedometer. These can be found at any sports shop, department store or online store. An elaborate pedometer is unnecessary, just a basic, inexpensive one works perfectly well. Use the pedometer to gauge how far you have gone. This will help you determine progress and set smaller goals to work up to a larger one.

Using your pedometer or other distance measurement tool, keep track of progress. One of the biggest mistakes people who learn how to lose weight walking make is to not write down their progress. Record how far you went, how long it took and when you did it. You should also include a space for regular weight measurements. Avoid weighing yourself each day, instead set up a specific time each week or every other week to check progress. Use the record to see where you encountered obstacles so you can learn how to avoid them in the future. It is also a great source of motivation.

One of the first things you should know when learning how to lose weight walking is the need for quality walking shoes. These will help prevent aches and pains in your legs and feet and help keep your back supported. It is also best to avoid open toed shoes and sandals. When walking outdoors, debris and pebbles can get stuck in them and become uncomfortable. Good walking shoes will keep you on your feet until it is time to return home!

If you know how to lose weight walking, then you should also know it will take some will power and effort to benefit you. Start slowly, with a shorter distance. As your body adjusts, be ready to push further. Try to cover more distance in the same amount of time. It may be difficult at first, but over time you will adjust and your muscle tone will improve.

Do not plan to get out there and do ten miles on your first day. Set reasonable goals that you can achieve. After all, a goal is useless if you have no hope of reaching it. After you meet your current goals, you can always extend them. This will help you stay enthusiastic and motivated as you experience personal success!

You can learn how to lose weight walking and get the most benefit out of this common activity. Start now so you can begin working your way up to longer sessions that will help you lose weight more quickly!

The author has a keen interest in healthy and natural ways to lose weight and has written many articles on the subject. For further information visit his website at http://www.whatsthequickestwaytoloseweight.com

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