09 Sep

Live A Long And Healthy Life

The life expectancy in and around the world is increasing each day. Here are some ways to help a person to live a long healthy life. Just think how nice it would be to live until you are eighty years old, or longer.

Eating healthy: Nutrition, vitamins and the right food will help you to live the age you would like to live. The body needs food to function, and with out a proper diet we will be starving vital organs from functioning. Overeating is poor for the body and makes the heart work harder. Some doctors and other health professionals claim eating the right foods that are healthy for you is more significant than exercising.

Exercise on a daily bases will increase chances of one getting brittle bones and stiff joints when you get older. Working out can give your heart a good pace, which helps you to continue a healthier lifestyle without feeling sluggish. Stress and anxiety can be reduced with exercising.

If you are not doing any exercise right now, start now. Do not get into big workouts to start with. Doing simple arm lifts, leg lifts, even just stretching. Go up and down stairs if you are able to use stairs at a slow pace a couple of times. After a week you can introduce your body to a little more work out. Take your time.

Sleeping will help with body functions, less stress, and anxiety. Sleep helps you to think clearly. Get a good routine for sleeping. Find out how much sleep you really need. During the day, perhaps you if are not working, you could take a 20 minute nap, which could help you feel better during the evening. Everyone is different so you will need to find out for yourself what your body requires for sleep.

Drink plenty of water. Water will help carry out toxins, other related bugs and things that your system does not need. Water is the only fluid that will really flush ones system out. It is recommended to drink water everyday. Remember next time you are out and need something to drink. Stop and pick up a bottle of water. You will save money and your health with out sugar, carbon and other ingredients in a soda.

Protect your self from hazards that can harm you. Do you like to ride a bike? Do you wear a helmet? Don’t say oh that’s not for me. Today both children and adults are injured everyday with bike accidents. Protect your head and why not your brain.

Stress, depression, and anxiety: All of these are things that a person should really work on and think about to reduce stress, depression and anxiety in their life. Not only is it harming you, it is causing stress to the heart. We need to learn to live with these things and learn to relax.

Smoking you must give it up. Not much to say about that. It is not good, smells bad, and tastes bad. Your heart and lungs don’t like it. Give it up.

Keep the doctor appointments. See your doctor as often as they would like you to go. Have yearly check ups to assure that things are ok with you. We need to take an approach of preventive care.

Use good moisturizers and lotions to protect the skin from too much sun. Lotions and moisturizers will help keep healthy skin. As we age the skin will start to break down and thin out. With using a good lotion and moisturizers on you skin the whole body will help keep your skin in the right balance. Learn more about how to live longer and healthier.

04 Sep

Clinic teaches youths, their families how to combat obesity

BY KIM ARCHER – Tulsa World Oklahoman

Published: August 25, 2010

TULSA — Through an Oklahoma State University program, Theresa Skinner and her 14-year-old daughter, Kiera, have learned it takes the whole family to help a child lose weight.

“It’s a family thing. We can’t have her eating low-calorie food and we have Krispy Kremes,” said Skinner of her youngest daughter.

The Tulsa single mother and her 17-year-old twins, who don’t have weight issues, are all exercising and eating healthier foods to support Kiera’s efforts.

“We did it because we wanted her to be successful,” she said.

Click here to read the complete article at Tulsaworld.com

04 Sep

The Fitness Walking Shoe – Choose the Best

Article By Barb Pattin

A fitness walking shoe is one of the most important materials you should have when you are considering walking as a fitness regimen. Your stride can only be made more enjoyable and at the same time successful if you have perfect footwear. Foot injuries in various forms can be prevented should one have well-suited footwear while on the move.

Surely a fitness walking shoe will guarantee a more successful routine. But how does one proceed with this relatively easy and healthy routine?

First is to make sure that you really want to take this routine and it should be done with firmness and commitment. You should also make it clear to yourself how long you can allocate for this routine on a daily basis or dependent on your schedule. The same should be followed as much as possible. Unless you can stick by the rules that you set, it is the only means that you can actually measure the routine’s effectiveness on your health.

After confirming your commitment, you must have the right gear. This routine though relatively common does require the right footwear in order to successfully execute it and harvest the benefits. Before starting on the routine, it is important to have the following: comfortable clothing and comfortable footwear.

Since you will expect that sweating would be the output that your system will give you when doing this routine, it would be best if you equip yourself with light, cottony garb. It should be light to allow air to pass through. In terms of footwear, it should be suited not only to the features of your foot but also to the type of environment where you will most likely be walking.

Take time to look into the size of your foot just so you can get the right and well-suited footwear. Too tight or too wide footwear might just spoil the fun of the routine and may influence your commitment to the exercise. The design as well as the type of shoes should be correlated as well to the environment. If you will have to pass by damp or watery areas, then it would be best to invest on waterproof designs. Dependent on what needs you have, manufacturers have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

So how to start the routine? Well it will be best to take it slow and easy. A 15-minute walk would be best for starters. Honestly, even though the routine is light and virtually done by everyone, it is a wrong notion to start it quick and heavy. You have to at least prepare yourself to the routine that you will be doing on a regular interval.

To do this, you start with a not so long walk perhaps just around your neighborhood then start with your usual pace. During this time, it is important that you get to understand your system before you introduce it to a faster pace. It may be best to consult your physician before proceeding to a heavier and faster routine. Remember to get a good quality fitness walking shoe as well.

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