13 Nov

Benefits of Walking for Women

Article By Judy Juricek

I am fortunate to work in a building that is close to a wonderful hike and bike trail. Most every day, I put on my workout clothes and shoes and hit the trail. I have experienced many benefits of walking but here are just a few.

Burning calories – according to the walking calculator on Prevention.com, walking three miles per hour for 45 minutes burns 154 calories. That may not sound like much but I also do at least 50 push-ups and 100 sit-ups so the calories are being used and not stored. I usually try to walk before I eat lunch so that is fueling my metabolism and I always joke that I’m burning off at least part of my lunch before I eat it.

Thinking and meditating – I leave my desk and computer and have some time to think. One of the most uplifting facets of walking during lunch is the ability to get outside, away from my cubicle, to simply think about the rest of the day or to make plans for my life outside of work. I also spend time not thinking and just simply enjoying the scenery (the hike and bike trail is on the shores of a lovely lake).

Enjoy a free way of losing and maintaining weight loss – Other than the cost of a good pair of shoes, walking is free. Besides, I don’t have wait in line to use a machine or a lane in the pool or pay monthly fees for services I may not use.

Watching the progress of others – Many people from my office also take advantage of walking during their lunch periods as well. I enjoy watching them meet, and often exceed, their fitness goals.

I realize that I am very fortunate to have the benefit of my office’s location and that not everyone has the ability to go outside and walk during lunch (some folks can’t get out and walk at all). Take the time to look around for the opportunities around you that exist for walking. Perhaps you can walk around your neighborhood (preferably with dogs and kids if you have them), walk in the mall or even walk in place. I think that once you begin a program, you will see the same, if not more benefits of walking to your mental and physical health.

Judy Juricek is the President of Attract Your Ideal Retirement, Inc. and her passion is helping women in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s to plan for, attract, and live their ideal lives in retirement. Judy believes that everyone can replicate the success that they had in their careers by crafting their ideal lives in retirement.

Judy maintains a blog – http://www.attractyouridealretirementblog.com where she discusses different strategies for life in retirement including planning, transitioning, improving your health, budgeting and many other topics. At the blog, you can sign up for the “Attract Your Ideal Retirement Workbook” which is a tool to help you craft your ideal life in retirement.

13 Nov

How Daily Walking Can Help You – 6 Benefits of Walking Daily

Article By Brett A Simpson

In this article I’m going to discuss the main benefits of daily walking which include excellent benefits for the lungs, blood, muscles, heart, bones and joints, brain, cardio system, immune system and just about every other part of the body. These benefits have been well researched and are known to occur with any type of daily walking regimen.

Lack of physical activity is known to be a big problem with cardiovascular disease. Your overall risk of heart disease is increased greatly if you maintain a sedentary lifestyle.  A simple 2 mile a day walk can decrease this risk by up to 40%.

Buildup Heart Muscle

As you are walking much in the same way as if you are running you are building your heart muscle and the stronger muscle will be able to pump more blood quicker and with less beats. The end result is you have a heart muscle that is stronger, working more efficiently, and for a longer period of time.

Strengthen Bones

As women get older: over the age of 40 – bone loss and osteoporosis can become a problem. Any type of weight bearing exercise where you’re putting your body weight to use an exercise can help in this loss of bone density that happens naturally for anyone of this age. You can combine walking with any type of strength training to help maintain overall bone density. This type of low-impact activity is excellent for reducing your risk of injuries by almost 10 times comparing walking to running and you are getting all of the same aerobic and health benefits with walking that you do with running. Along with walking you should combine a diet full of calcium and healthy greens to help boost and build up the bones.

Control and Manage Diabetes

Diabetes can be hard to manage and maintain. If you can maintain a physical activity schedule you are much more likely to control and possibly even to reverse diabetes. To help control your blood sugar, manage your energy requirements for working out and exercising regularly, walking every day can help you by allowing your muscles to regulate your metabolism and help you control your diet and your diabetes.

Weight Gain Solved

Take control of your own weight gain and lose weight by following an healthy diet and get moving more than others by walking every day. A regular walking schedule can help to permanently change your metabolic function and may help you maintain a healthy weight once and for all.

Slow Cancer

Regular exercise is also been shown to reduce cancer risk and to even be protective against many types of cancer. Those who walked at least 2 miles a day were shown to have a 60% reduction in dying from cancer compared to those who only walked 1 mile a day. Your immune function and your entire body’s natural defense systems may be boosted considerably with normal moderate exercise.

Improve Emotional Health

You can reduce your stress and prove your overall mood increase your self-confidence and find a new well for empowerment with regular exercise such as walking. He may be able to lose weight or even maintain a healthy weight like continuing a walking regimen. Fitness walking, hiking, or walking in general can give you at increased sense of empowerment and control.

To summarize the six major benefits of maintaining a daily walking regimen include better health for your heart and circulatory system, building better bone mass and possibly preventing osteoporosis, managing maintaining and regulating and controlling diabetes, keeping your weight under control or balanced, lowering your risk of cancer or of dying from cancer, or improving your overall emotional well-being. Those sound like six really big benefits. Start a daily walking regimen today and see where it leads you.

Brett has been a writer for nearly 20 years his latest interest is in audio. Come visit his latest website that talks about audio products such as http://www.usbrecordplayer.org/ and Numark TTUSB turntable which everyone needs.

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