31 Jan

Walk Your Way to a Younger Healthier Body

Article By Mari Kai

Exercise always comes first in the agenda whenever solutions to slowing down aging are talked about. Keeping healthy is the best possible way to battle the usual wear and tear your body goes through. Moreover, having a healthy body is as easy as strolling the road to fitness. Its just a matter of stepping one foot ahead of the other.

If you cant make time to walk, you can take advantage of those few moments in your life to burn some calories and work out those muscles. What makes walking tick is that you don’t have to go to the gym to do it. This is what makes it the perfect option for those with a tight schedule. Using the stairways, instead of the elevator, or choosing to walk that last leg of your commute can do you great. Walking controls your blood pressure and is helpful in keeping your weight in check. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and a couple of other diseases simply because it boosts the production of good cholesterol in your system. This light exercise also goes a long way in improving your breathing, strengthening your bones, muscles, and joints. Besides, it helps in lifting up your moods as it tends to works on your over all sense of well being.

If you want to reap optimum benefits of walking, you need to do it well. The proper way of doing it involves tucking your core, keeping your back straight, and swinging your arms back and forth for propulsion and balance. To give your body that sense of strength, you need to brisk walk for at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week. Studies have proven that jogging and walking burn just as many calories when measured mile for mile. That makes walking the very best alternative for those not ready to get into high-impact exercises.

If done properly and regularly, walking has proved to be one of the easiest forms of exercise to burn fat and keep you in good shape. Since it tends to concentrate more on the legs, you should try to find ways of involving your upper body. Pump your arms while walking to tone up and use more arm muscle. In order to burn as many calories as you can, walk in incline intervals on the treadmill. If you are outdoors, make a couple of stops to do 15 to 15 squats or lunges.

If you wish to improve your speed, its recommended that you increase your pace instead of the stride. You use more energy when you cover more distance. To make the best of those steps, ensure that you wear the right pair of rubber shoes. Those meant for walking or running particularly have built-in technology that increases the muscle activity in your legs. This improves circulation, softens the impact, and keeps your joints well protected.

Yes, you will not fail to notice a significant boost on your health if you engage in walking as part of your daily routine. Besides, you reap benefits that you would not if you just stayed in bed all day and doing nothing. Unlike staying redundant all day, walking protects your body from deteriorating.

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26 Jan

Why Should You Warm Up Before Exercising

Before any sort of workout is started, it is advisable to do a warm up first. This is both, advocated by most of the professional trainers and followed by millions of people, who indulge in workouts around the globe.

However, not many people (outside of professionals) know the exact importance of warming up before an exercise.Warming  up of some sort, may it be some cardio exercises like running or swimming, is necessary before you start the heavy exercises to ensure that your exercise routine is more fruitful and effective.

Here are only a handful of examples why warming up is so important:

Injury Prevention

Doing warm up exercises helps in avoiding problems like cramps or other injuries, which can otherwise occur during heavy exercising.It’s important to think of muscles like engines, where they need to be warmed up before being able to reach their maximum capacity.

If a muscle is suddenly jolted into activity without being amply prepared first, it can quickly contract.If you’re looking to build more muscle, warming up is important because it keeps you from injury the very parts of your body that you are aiming to grow and strengthen.

Better Flexibility of the Muscle Tissue

Warming up your muscles before a hard work out will make you more flexible and more agile. This is one of the definitive reasons why you see professional athletes warming up and stretching before a game.

Warm ups do exactly what they say: they warm up the muscles. Because of the heat, muscles are able to expand and joints are loosened.Stretching exercises are also similar, since they help the muscles in becoming “awakened” , it also adjusts and readies for the activity that lies ahead.

Improve Blood Circulation

Warming up also gives you better blood circulation when you are exercising.It raises the heart rate just enough so your heart isn’t suddenly jolted into activity when the meat of your routine starts.The increased heart rate will allow the blood to circulate much more efficiently throughout your body.

The faster blood circulation will delivery of oxygen is higher amounts to your vital organs and muscles, and hence help them in performing better.Moreover, the increase of blood temperature due to warm up also helps the active muscles to more quickly and easily assimilate the oxygen that blood transports to them.

Better Physical and Mental Alertness

As mentioned above, one of the major benefits of the warm up exercises is that they ready the body for the exercise routine by loosening and warming up the muscles.However, not many people realize that it is also prepares your mind.
Many professional trainers and athletes agree to the fact that exercises are as much related to the mind, as they are to the body.The warming up exercises conditions the mind and readies it for the rest of the exercises that are going to follow the warm up.It will allow your mind to communicate with your body to perform effectively.

Motivation and willpower are important facets to have when exercising. And they can only be attained with a prepared mind, as well as a prepared body.

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22 Jan

Walk For A Healthy Heart.

Walking is the most economical, convenient and safe exercise. You don’t need any equipment, companion or even a playground. No prior reservation is required.  You just need a pair of canvas shoes and, more importantly, the will to walk.

Work At The Right Intensity.

Walk like you mean it.Many people claim they walk all the time but with no benefit. This is usually because they are not walking briskly enough and not focusing on fitness. Like any cardiovascular exercise you need to walk fast enough to get out of breath and break a light sweat.  Being able to walk a fifteen minute mile is a good target to work up to – however this is a very brisk pace.

Rate your level of exertion. As you walk make sure you take long strides and swing your arms to help raise your heart rate. While it can help to walk with a friend make sure you do not spend your session talking. One test to see if your heart rate is at the right level is the talk test. You should not be so out of breath that you can not answer a simple yes or no question, however you should not be able to carry on a complete conversation either.  Your energy should be on breathing deeply and evenly and you should be out of breath to the point you can not talk steady.

Make sure you feel like you are exercising.You can also use the rating of perceived exertion to test your level.  This is a scale that ranges from one to ten. You rate how you feel with one being asleep and ten being completely exhausted. You want to feel like you are at a five to seven where you know you are exercising but you can maintain the pace for the whole session.

Be careful about taking your heart rate if you are on medication.  Many medications interfere with your heart rate. Talk with your cardiologist or primary care doctor about what a safe heart rate is for you. If your doctor tells you it is OK, look into using a monitor. Wearing a monitor is a much more effective way to monitor your intensity level then taking your own pulse.

Goals And How To Accomplish Them.

Walk 10,000 steps per day (about 5 miles). While that may sound like a lot, it turns out that even die-hard couch potatoes log about 2,000 to 4,000 steps a day-about 1 to 2 miles-just doing the minimum basic daily activities. And a typical busy woman may do 5,000 to 6,000 steps a day. But to reach 10,000, you still need another 4,000 steps or so (about 30 minutes) of walking.  How do you get there?

Exercise specialists say there are many ways to reach or exceed the target. Some are familiar, but as more and more people have started doing “10,000 a Day,” they’ve gotten very inventive about ways to add steps.

What they suggest:

* Take the furthest parking space.

* Take the stairs.

* Take clients for a long walk instead of “doing lunch.”

* Walk in place while watching TV.

* Walk for 10 or 15 minutes if you’re lunching on your own.

* Walk around when you’re waiting for a bus/taxi/train/appointment.

* Schedule walking meetings instead of group sit-downs in stuffy rooms.

* Walk while on your portable phone.

* Deliver memos on foot, instead of e-mailing nearby coworkers.

Spend at least 40 to 60 minutes every day for physical exercise. Exercise has a positive effect on cardiac risk factors like hypertension, diabetes and obesity. People who exercise regularly have a lower pulse rate. This enables them to perform their day-to-day activities at a much lower heart rate than those who are sedentary most of the time. Their cardiac reserve is higher and better and they can engage in physical activities for a longer time without straining their hearts.

Other than exercising the heart and developing physical stamina, walking gives you a feeling of well being that affects the way you relate to everything around you. This feeling is produced because when you walk, endorphins are released in the bloodstream.

Endorphin is the morphine-like substances produced by the body. Morphine is a painkiller and a relaxant. Walking gives you a ‘shot’ of natural morphine, endorphin, which is responsible for that ‘feel good’ effect you experience every time you walk. It makes you feel nice, puts you in a positive state of mind and helps you think better.

Now get out there and Walk For A Healthy Heart!

02 Jan

Resolution For Fitness

So the holidays are done but your body is a “chef-d’oeuvre” of nearly two months worth of dinner parties and celebrations! How quickly it all sneaks up! With the New Year comes great intentions and goals but historically in our flurry and fuss world, most are broken only a couple of weeks after devising them. I’m here to share with you a couple of fast fitness tips which will enable you to sustain your resolutions, regardless what your daily routine might be! You don’t have to spend hours in the gymnasium or eat like a rabbit to accomplish the two-piece model results you wish.

What’s your need? It is trying on that slinky cocktail dress for the huge blowout next month? Is it enduring a marathon? Is it bearing more energy to fire up your productivity? No matter what motivates you, realizing your motivation is the opening move to transforming yourself from who you are now to who may and will turn into months from today. Utilize the power of visual image to help you see what you wish to achieve and always keep that goal in the back of your brain for inspiration.

Regardless how much time you spend in the gymnasium, if you don’t get adequate sleep or supplement right, you will not see the advancement you so much merit! I wish you to be successful in each aspect of your life, beginning with helping you make those little habitual alterations that will yield big results ultimately! Get your rest, make an effort to eat the right foods & drink lots of water to keep you alert & rid your body of toxins. It’s simple to incorporate these hints into nearly any lifestyle!

So now you have your motive & instruction, the sole thing left is the planning! When you’re prepared, you’re twice more than likely to win at your goal, whether you’re attempting to lose five or forty pounds. Make it simple for yourself by keeping a gym bag with a change of exercise clothes in your trunk & by forever carrying healthy snacks to power you through your crazy day. These are the most vital things you are able to do to embark or re-embark on a fit life-style.

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