23 Feb

5 Golden Rules to a Slimmer and Healthier You!

Article By Laura Ancilli

Christmas holidays are a beautiful time of the year full of love, full of presents but also full of cakes, chocolates and generally speaking full of unused calories which all go straight to hips (for us girls) and stomachs (for the boys)…

I’m not a believer in strict diets which have lots of “no-foods” and that do not educate people to a better nutrition which becomes a lifestyle and which is forgiving of some chocolate sins and some fish-and-chips outings that we all love every now and then.

This is why I decided to share with all of you my 5 golden rules for nutrition which have been part of my lifestyle for many years, are easy to follow (no need to look up a complex calendar to see what you can have for dinner each day!) and above all work very well!!

1. Drink a good glass of water before you put any food in your mouth!

Water is one of the most important elements for the good functioning of our bodies. If our daily intake of water is not sufficient the consequences, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, are quite immediate. Everyone should aim to a daily minimum of 1 litre of water per every 30 kilos of body weight, and increase this quantity when you are exercising or if you live in warmer temperatures. Also, very often when our bodies are dehydrated, we might feel hungry rather than thirsty, so it’s a good idea to drink a good glass of water before any meal: it will replenish the water content in your body and partially fill up your stomach taking the edge off the hunger and making you eat a bit less during the meal. It is also a good practice to start a day with a glass of water in which you squeeze half a lemon or lime. These fruits, even though they are acidic, they become alkaline when they enter our system, and a pH of 7.4 is essential to lose weight and keep it off!

2. Make sure that half of your plate is taken by green fresh veggies!

The best thing is to have a giant fresh salad made up of different leaves (lettuce, spinach, rocket and basil are just a few typical choices), a couple of tomatoes, celery, carrots, raw mushrooms and whatever else you like in a salad. Now, the secret is to have 2 or 3 mouthfuls of salad before you have anything from the main dish. I often do this when we are having a takeaway pizza, but you can do that with any other meal which is not 100% healthy like fish and chips, or your favourite takeaway. I find that by eating the salad first, I fill up some more space (some has already been taken by the glass of water!) and when I get to the pizza I only have a couple of slices.

3. Combine the right foods…

The right combination of foods is highly important both for weight loss and for a healthier body. Excellent combinations are: a) Proteins (like meat, fish and eggs) and non starchy vegetables (lettuce, mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, capsicum, spinach, asparagus, cabbage and green beans to name a few); b)Starchy vegetables (like potatoes, pumpkin, peas, carrots, beans and corn) with proteins and non starchy vegetables. c) Grains (like pasta, bread, millet and couscous) with non starchy vegetables.

4. Delay the sweet foods cravings!

Sugar and sweet foods are acid forming in our body, which means that they make us fat in two ways: first by creating acids which our body has to “pack away” in fat cells, and secondly by providing us of an excessive amount of calories in just a mouthful. So, when you have a craving, before you go to the pantry and grab a packet of chocolate biscuits, drink slowly a glass of water… then munch on a piece of fresh fruit or a carrot or some celery… If you are still craving, now you can go a grab a piece of chocolate, make sure it is a small one and don’t feel guilty about it, enjoy it and tell yourself that you are a healthy person and you are improving every day!

5. Walk it off, dance it off, swim it off and remember to smile!

Exercise does not need to be a boring chore that we have to do to keep healthy… If you have a dog take him for a long walk of at least 20 minutes every day, walk with long steps, breathing deeply and aim to increase your speed a little bit every day to the point of doing a light jog… Your fourlegged friend will be very grateful too! Maybe you prefer dancing? Get your partner or a friend to join you and enrol in some dancing classes of your favourite style… it’s heaps of fun and it will get your heart beating! If you live close to the ocean you can go for a walk and a swim in the morning, it’s a fantastic and energising way to start the day, and you also get the benefits of all the gorgeous minerals that are in the ocean, magnesium included! And last, but not least, make sure you keep a positive attitude, don’t nag yourself if you commit a little chocolate sin but congratulate yourself for becoming every day a slimmer, healthier and happier person!!

Laura Ancilli (PhD) is a researcher and a journalist. Her life long interest in nutrition, energy medicine and alternative therapies took her on a 20 years learning journey during which Laura has studied, researched and often experienced on herself different healing techniques, from foods, to herbs, to massage techniques, to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

21 Feb

Healthy Lifestyle Habits – Stop Being a Couch Potato!

Article By Rachelle Jones

Living a healthy lifestyle sounds simple, but in reality for most people, this really isn’t the case. But what defines a ‘healthy person’?

A healthy person can usually be defined as someone who doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, eats a healthy diet and exercises on a regular basis. For the majority of people, living this way is far from simple however. With fast foods, take aways, cafes and together with how fast daily life is for people in this new millennium, most people will usually opt for a fast food meal rather than taking the time to eat something healthy.

If you are one of those people who are living as the majority of people do today, but want to make changes in your diet and learn how to improve your general health and fitness, I hope the tips on this article will put you on the right path.

The secret to living a healthy lifestyle is to make small and regular changes to your current daily life. Small changes with what you eat. Small increases in your daily exercise and so on. You can always do more if you want, but if this isn’t normal practice for you, these massive changes may seem totally alien to you and your mind may reject your ‘new’ daily actions as, well, just too much work to do you any good! Sound familiar?

These are just a few steps to a healthier, new you

‘Emotion comes from motion’ was something that one of my own mentors drilled into me a long time ago. To feel different, to want to make fundamental changes in your life you have to move! Take a walk, go for a swim or hit the gym. Plain and simple, if you just sit around doing nothing, then the odds are that your mind is doing the same.

Taking exercise (something which you may not have done before) is a huge step to changing the way you think about what you want to achieve, in anything – the way you look, the way people perceive you or even how you feel about yourself.

But this is the conundrum that most people suffer. We know that exercise is good for us, but we rarely do it because of some self implanted alarm system that goes off if we even think about doing something which we aren’t really used to doing. Exercising is probably the biggest alarm trigger we encounter because most people perceive exercise as being something that has to be sheer hard work.

But the truth is that even by taking just a short walk, the healthier you will become and the better you will feel. It doesn’t even have to be walking, it could be household chores or even gardening – movement is movement. And the more you move, the more calories you burn and the more you increase your heart rate.

Every little move you make, be it gardening or walking to the end of the road and back counts as exercise and will burn calories to start losing weight and feeling better. The next thing or rather, simultaneously is to take a good look at your diet and nutrition plan. This is as crucial as taking a little bit of exercise to get you started in your program.

So it’s time to change your sofa diet of chips, snacks and chocolate for healthier options like eating more fruit, vegetables, swapping to low fat substitutes for your current favorites and even having olive oil on your salads instead of full fat dressings. By making fundamental, small changes in how you live your daily life and eating habits, you will start to feel and look a whole lot better. Good luck.

Heavy weights workout will build muscle mass, but your body also needs quality nutrition and supplements to repair the break down of tissue that you subjected it to in the gym.

16 Feb

Is Walking For Weight Loss A Waste Of Time?

Effective weight loss involves a number of factors, especially diet and exercise; if you are truly burning off more calories than you take in, then yes, walking can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

When I was younger I believed that is was the amount of exercise I did that was the route to fat loss and a great body. Since I have become a personal trainer, I am now more educated, and I know that exercise alone will not guarantee weight loss; when I was younger, I truly believed that all anyone had to do to look good was exercise.

Diet is the key to successful weight management and good health.

Exercise is also for health, to gain or maintain muscle and to improve the way we perform.

If you view diet as the foundation, and exercise as an important tool to augment the effects of diet, you will discover a huge improvement in your ability to take off unwanted weight.

With the clients I see as a personal trainer, I have seen this combination of diet and exercise work well. I can have 2 people with similar genetics and backgrounds doing the same exercise routines and one is looking great and the other is struggling to hit their goals and the difference is their diets.

What is the best way to maximize the benefit of walking?

More strenuous exercises, like cardio interval training and resistance or weight training, should be added to your walking routine for you to see the quickest and best results.

If you are just starting a weight loss program and aren’t up to the more intense exercises just yet, walking is an excellent starting point. So to make sure you get the most from walking for weight loss here are some quick guidelines

One: Walk for a minimum of 45 minutes. If you walk any less than that, you will not burn enough calories.

2. Try to vary the resistance using inclines. During an outdoor walk, pick an area with different levels in the terrain. Not only will you increase the amount of calories you burn and increase your metabolic rate, but the walk will be more interesting and effective. As you become more fit, add steeper inclines to your route. I live in an area with lots of hills and mountains and I can tell you a good walk up one of these is a fantastic fat burning workout.

Three: Challenge yourself on walking speed. – If you walk a regular route make a note of the time then try to continually beat it. This will give your workouts focus, motivation and ensure you keep pushing your body to work harder and burn more energy.

4. Weather permitting try to walk outside, as it is far more interesting, challenging and enjoyable than plodding away on a treadmill so should keep you motivated to stick with it.

Walking is one of the optimum activities for health, giving benefits like improved circulation, stress relief, and reduced levels of inflammation. Even if you incorporate more intense exercises, walking is still an important part of a healthy routine.

For years, some people, me included, have mistakenly thought of walking to lose weight as being an ineffective form of exercise but we are incorrect. Walking is a fantastic activity and should be done by everybody wants optimal health and well being.

11 Feb

How To Teach Teenagers Healthy Eating Habits

Puberty and adolescence can be very interesting, and frustrating times for parents and teenagers. During this crucial stage, most teenagers are highly active, and require more energy from different food sources. To ensure that your teenage son or daughter is able to cope with the rigors of school work and peer pressure, make sure that they develop a healthy eating habit. Most food experts stress that healthy eating is a way of balancing the amount and the type of food you consume, to keep you energized, strong and properly nourished. Here are a few helpful tips for teaching your teenage sons and daughters to adopt healthy eating habits. .

Let Your Kids Appreciate The Tenets Of Healthy Eating

What exactly is “healthy eating”? In conventional terms, healthy eating refers to eating the food from all the food groups. This includes consuming balanced servings of fruits, grains, vegetables, dairy proteins, healthy fats and fibers each day. Healthy eating is the art of balancing nutrient-rich food items with moderate mounts of other food types, like sweets or typical fast-food fare. Healthy eating also refers to eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you are already full

Teach Your Teenager To Plan His Or Her Meals

Healthy eating means that you aim for eating three regular meals, from breakfast, lunch to dinner. Eating three meals a day, with the usual snacks in between, is actually one of the best ways for maintaining your body’s energy and healthy weight levels. Because most teenagers often skip breakfast, they are more likely to over-eat later in the day, and are more prone to becoming overweight.

Avoid Excessive Sugar And Salt Intake

Consuming too much sugar and salt is definitely not advisable for teenagers, and for most of us. Beverages that contain high sugar levels are nothing but empty energy sources. This means that they contain a lot of energy that your body may not actually need, and they don’t have minerals, vitamins, proteins and even fiber. Instead of drinking the usual sugar-filled carbonated beverages, teach your teenager to try diet sodas, flavored water, or sugar-free drinks or juices. Most desserts like cookies, cakes, candies and ice cream also contain lots of sugar. However, it’s perfectly okay to enjoy eating these foods, as long as these do not fully replace the healthier ones.

Also educate your teenage son or daughter to be mindful when eating. Teach them the benefits of slowing down when they eat, as well as by listening to their body. Make them realize that they should only eat when they’re hungry, and they should stop eating when you’re full. By listening to your body, you will help balance its energy needs, enabling you to stay comfortable. Also remind your children to consume fiber-rich foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains, so that they’ll feel comfortably full, and have their daily fill of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

10 Feb

Tips To Lose Weight – No Short-term Magic

Everywhere you look, you come across systems which are “guaranteed” to help you drop some weight. Magic weight loss diet programs, concoctions, and workout machines or regimes which claim to be able to do all of the work for you and magically propel you to the weight that you’d like to be. The simple truth is that none of these techniques actually work – the ones that work in the short term normally end up in you gaining back everything that you’ve lost and even more over the long haul. So what are some tips to lose weight that can help you now and later on?

The first is to pick a diet program that works for you. It doesn’t mean you should jump on the first fad diet plan that looks easy, but it does mean to look for one which will work with your current caloric intake and helps you trim it down, while removing unneeded fats and sugars in the process. This is much simpler than it appears to be, but the first step to this is determining your current normal caloric intake in addition to working to trim calories bit by bit. That way, you can easily lose weight once and for all without having a hard time doing so.

Next following the line of tips to lose weight might be the most obvious: Exercising. You’ll find folks who love to exercise, the ones who simply hate to do it. The main difference between these two types of people is that often individuals who hate to exercise have never given it enough of a opportunity to benefit them. Exercising on a regular (ideally every day) schedule will give you the chance to enjoy yourself, raise your muscle to fat ratio, and also to boost your endurance that you can enjoy a lot more, bit by bit. There is no reason not to exercise, and over time you’ll come to like it.

Yet another excellent strategy for weight loss is that moderation is actually key. Cut down on needless calories a little at a time to give yourself an opportunity to adjust. The same can be claimed of exercise, so that your body can better handle progressively more. It can be tempting to leap into it head first by eating very little and exercising intensely, yet the likelihood of that bringing about a crash later on are very high.

It can be tempting to leap right into fad or crash diets, however the most rock solid tips to lose weight are the ones that take some time and also moderation. Reaching your ideal weight isn’t a race. Achieve what you can at your own pace to experience long term success.

05 Feb

Reasons To Own A Treadmill

There are many reasons to own your own treadmill or elliptical. Below is a list of 16 reasons with a brief description. You may be able to add others to this list, including your own personal reasons.

Remember, it is never to late to get started with an exercise program and greatly improve the quality of your life.

1) Burn more calories:
Treadmills burn more calories per hour than any other exercise machine. A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that a vigorous workout on a treadmill burns around 700 calories, compared to 627 for stair climbers and 498 for stationary bikes.
Another study done by the Medical College of Wisconsin and the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee showed that calories burned on the treadmill for 60 minutes averaged 705 – 865, more than a stair machine, rowing machine or stationary bike.

2) Workout whenever you want:
With your own treadmill, you have the freedom to workout at any time of the day that you want. No waiting in the lines at the health club, no hurrying to the gym to get in before ‘the rush’, no walking outside at night in the dark.

3) Wear whatever you want:
With a home treadmill you can wear whatever you want to workout. No worrying if your shorts match your T-shirt. No worrying if your shirt is too ragged or if your sweat pants are too loud.

4) Workout for as long as you want:
I don’t know about you but I hate, hate, hate it when someone kicks me off the treadmill at the gym because my ‘time is up’. With a home treadmill you have the freedom to go as long (or as little) as you want.

5) Get the body you’ve always wanted:
It’s a fact: when it’s convenient you’ll exercise more. Which means you have the power to get the kind of body you’ve always wanted. Tighten those buns, tone those abs, say ‘good bye’ to that spare tire and ‘hello’ to a tiny waist with your own treadmill.

6) No more boredom:
How many times have you gone to the gym and been bored out of your mind within 10 minutes of your workout? With a home treadmill you can set it up in front of your TV and watch your favorite shows or movies.
Before you know it you’ll have gone farther than you even realized – and burned more calories too. That means a better body in less time.

7) A elementary way to exercise for those of us who aren’t gym bunnies:
If you’re not a muscle bound, 0% body fat gym bunny, a home treadmill is a simple, easy way to lose weight and stay in shape. Many people, for one reason or another, feel embarrassed by going to the gym. Consequently, they don’t enjoy their gym workout and don’t get the most out of it. Home treadmills are easy to use and simple to work for anyone, regardless of fitness level.

8) Helps you sleep better
Although it may seem like common sense knowledge, studies linking regular exercise and improved sleep patterns are fairly recent. These studies have shown that moderate to vigorous 20- to 30-minute workouts three to four times a week help you sleep better. However, you should work out in the morning or afternoon rather than close to bedtime, or you may find yourself too energized to sleep.

Working out helps you fall and stay asleep more easily, and it increases the amount of time you spend in the deepest stage of sleep. It also improves the quality of your sleep by making the transitions between its cycles smoother and more regular.

9) Slows the aging process & reduces the risk of premature death
Most people lose 10% of their aerobic capacity each year after the age of 30. However, regular exercise can actually make you more aerobically fit as you get older. Working out also improves skin and muscle tone, increases flexibility and reduces the risk of many age-related diseases, such as osteoporosis, heart disease and stroke (see below).

10) Builds and maintains healthy muscles, bones & joints
As you get older, your bones lose density (mass), your joints become stiffer and less flexible, and your lean body mass decreases. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to slow or prevent muscle, joint and bone problems. A moderate to vigorous workout program can help you maintain strength and flexibility into your golden years.

11) Strengthens and boosts your immune system
Various studies have shown that working out improves immune function. In teenage and adult men, exercise is a powerful natural immune cell stimulator. In older men, the functioning of the immune system progressively declines, which can lead to an increased risk of infectious diseases and a reduced response to vaccination. The good news is that regular, moderate cardio workouts, such as jogging, walking or cycling, can partly offset the immune function decline in healthy older men.

12) Improves mental acuity
Many studies have proven that people who work out on a regular basis have better memory, reaction time and concentration than their sedentary counterparts. And it doesn’t take much: walking for 45 minutes three times a week is enough to improve your degree of mental sharpness. Aerobic activity stimulates the middle-frontal and superior parietal regions of the brain, which are associated with attention and keeping goals in mind.

13) Improves confidence
Ask yourself this simple question: Do I feel better about myself when I’m sprawled out on the couch eating a bag of potato chips or after a great workout at the gym? Duh. If you’re out of shape and start working out, you’ll gain muscle tone, strength, stamina, and you’ll feel better emotionally. This will inevitably give your self-image and self-confidence a boost, which is often one of the best motivators to stick to a workout program.

14) Increases energy and endurance
How many times have you skipped the gym because you were “too tired” to work out? But when you have hauled your ass there despite your tiredness, haven’t you felt much more awake and energized afterward? People who work out regularly have more energy, strength and endurance to get through their daily activities than non-exercisers. In fact, you will likely notice this feeling of increased energy and energy a few short weeks after you start to exercise on a regular basis.

15) Improves sexual performance and restores libido
It’s a fact: Regular exercise can increase sexual drive, activity and satisfaction. Physical endurance and muscle tone improve sexual functioning, and exercise jump-starts the sympathetic nervous system, which increases blood flow to the genital area. The good news is that even low levels of exercise help keep your “equipment” functioning properly; in fact, you can significantly lower your risk of erectile dysfunction by burning only 200 calories a day, the equivalent of walking briskly for about two miles.

Short bouts of intense exercise increase testosterone levels, which can stimulate sexual desire. But gym rats bear in mind; too much exercise can reduce testosterone and other male hormone levels, which can lead to a decrease in libido. Finally, don’t stop as you get older; men over 50 who work out regularly have a 30% lower risk of impotence than those who don’t.

16) Reduces stress, depression and anxiety
Exercising reduces stress and anxiety by diminishing electrical activity in tense muscles as soon as you finish your workout, which makes you less hyperactive and jittery. In addition, your body releases more endorphins for an hour and a half to two hours after your workout, which boosts your mood and promotes relaxation. Another benefit of physical activity is that it provides you with the motivation to improve your diet, and proper nutrition reduces stress. There is even evidence that regular exercise can aid in treating clinical depression.

You’ve been hearing it for years — now you know exactly why working out is good for you. Stop making excuses and start integrating regular exercise into your weekly routine. If you still can’t find the motivation, why don’t you try signing up for a few sessions with a hot personal trainer?

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