24 Jun

Walking Exercise Works Wonders for Your Health

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Walking does help to keep you fit and you may also lose weight in the progress. Walking doesn’t cost anything you have no costly machines to buy; you have the tool so use them it’s the healthy way to do it.

If you can walk to work not always possible but if you can then go to it. Start out trying it for a couple of days first to see how your body handles the change in your lifestyle. Add a day say every two weeks as this will allow your body to adjust to the changes then build it up until you’re walking every day. If you can’t walk to work then try walking in the evening. Start yourself with a reasonable distance and follow the same steps “pardon the pun” as above.

What about also trying instead of taking the lift at work use the stairs try a flight at first to see how comfortable you are and then use the lift for the rest of the journey. Add a flight say every two weeks or see how your body reacts; only you can be the judge of that. You will be amazed at the difference it will make to your lifestyle. It will get your blood pumping around the body and the oxygen flowing that will help joint and muscle stiffening from your previous lifestyle of no exercise.

Wear comfortable shoes / trainers, drink plenty of water I am sure you will feel the benefits of walking exercise working for you in a short space of time.

Once you feel good about walking why not try to organise a group walk and make it fun. Find out if your colleges at work could maybe use half of their lunch time to try it. What about a family walking exercise for an hour or two and get the neighbors involved. Walking exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. Take walks in the country side and see nature as it should be; go for walks in the park enjoy these tools you were born with.

Determination and will power are the key words to fulfilling any type of exercise whether it is following walking exercise, weight loss program etc. The quality i.e. calorie counting and quantity of the food also go towards a healthy life style, but that is for another article.

So best foot forward and get going. Happy walking exercise to help aid your health.

Ian G Henderson


My article is only a part of my commitment to spreading the word about how people should live a healthy and enjoyable life style by exercising regularly and eating healthy nutritional meals every day. That is my goal.

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23 Jun

Walking for Your Health

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Any person who is physically able can and should walk for good health, which in itself is walking smart.

The first thing that you should do is get an O.K. to walk from your health care provider. That is simple, but when you are doing any activity at all, you are doing a physical activity and need an O.K. to do it. He’ll tell you how far and how fast you should walk, or maybe he wants you to have a test. Simple things like that are very important.

This is Dr. Frank Ferrari telling you that walking is a very good and healthy activity. You should try to do it daily.

When a person walks you are actually exercising. This type of activity is very good to keep any individual healthy and mobile. A person can develop a spring in your step, and this motion is good.

In the beginning of your walking program you can start to walk slowly to get use to the action. I have listed some reasons why you should try walking, these are activities that you can try out:

(1) Walking helps keep your blood pressure under control. By walking you create a motion that will keep your blood pressure under control.

(2) Walking can improve the circulation in your legs, hips, and feet. This motion keeps the blood flowing.

The walking motion helps your circulation a great deal with your leg’s circulation. This motion of walking increases your blood flow in your body and legs, that gets the blood flowing.

(3) If you are a senior business person or a stay at home mom or dad and are a 50 plus year old person, you should have a solid base of support for your legs. That is your feet that you need to carry you along.

If they need some foot help, like an arch support when you place your feet on the ground. You can purchase them almost anywhere from a drug store to a sporting goods store or department store or on the web. But you shouldn’t let your feet flop down to the ground all that will do is, believe it or not, traumatize them.

(4) When the weather is rainy, too chilly or just a cool wintery day, an indoor treadmill or gym maybe at a local YMCA would be the next best thing for you.

You also can get in your walking from using a treadmill at home. You can use the treadmill at a gym; or have your own treadmill. Then, you can use it any day that you like.

(5) When you are walking you tend to breathe better. Walking increases the amount of air that you are able to breathe better. Walking makes you breath fuller. This will make your breathing fuller and deeper.

(6) Another point, any senior walker will strengthen up their back from that exercise or motion. You will not be as straight or as strong as a 35 year old, but you will be straighter and somewhat stronger than you were before your walks, and you will have better posture.

(7) Many times any walker will need some support in their feet. Every person needs this stability when walking or moving about. They can get this stability by wearing good strong foot gear and you might need a foot orthotic, or some people call them an arch support.

You see that a lot of health problems could be helped with a walking program or exercise. All that you need to do is just get up the energy to start walking. That sure is not hard. Tell your self that you need some exercise to improve your health.

If you have any comments at all you can use the comment section below. I will answer all comments and questions. This is Dr. Frank Ferrari and start a good walking program it will help you keep or get in shape.

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Walking Your Way to Fitness and Better Health –

Tips on How to Get Started With Your Walking Today

Article By Connie Ragen Green

Walking to lose weight and increase your level of fitness will make a huge difference in your life over time. But first you must get started, so setting up a walking schedule and planning your exercise strategy is the best place to begin.
Here are the simple steps you can begin taking today to lose excess fat, build muscle, and improve your overall level of health by walking daily.

  • Make a schedule of what time of day you will walk. This will depend upon many factors, including your work schedule, home and family obligations, weather conditions, when you are most comfortable exercising, and more. Look at each day and see when you can commit to walking for twenty to thirty minutes. Many people walk during their lunch break, whiles others prefer to walk early in the morning or in the evening before they get ready to go to sleep. See what will work for your lifestyle.
  • Go to a store that specializes in running, walking, and other sports specialty shoes. The people there will be able to recommend footwear that will be appropriate for your weight and the type of terrain you will be walking on. The proper shoes will make a huge difference in how well your body adapts to this new exercise routine.
  • Decide if you will be walking along or with a group of other walkers. Many cities have walking clubs that meet at various locations and times of day. Most shopping malls have an early morning walking clubs for people who want or need to walk indoors.
  • Choose what to do while you are walking. Some people listen to music or educational information on their mp3 players when they walk, while others prefer to be alone with their thoughts and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature to make the walking even more enjoyable.

Think about how you will get started with your walking exercise, and then jump right in and get started today. You will notice results within a few days and be on your way to improved health and fitness.

And now I invite you to find out more by visiting http://www.5PoundsAtATime.com to see how you can combine diet and exercise to have the health and body that will make a difference in everything you do.


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