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Walking for Weight Loss: The Simple Solution for Healthy Living

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In a world obsessed with chasing diet fads, exercise and losing weight programmes, miracle foods, and quick fixes for dieting woes, many people are unable to see that the best exercise for weight loss is also the simplest. Walking for weight loss provides the fastest and most efficient way to burn calories while taking mere moments a day to complete.

Walking for weight loss provides the simplest, easiest, and most enjoyable way for people to burn calories and lose weight. The basis of all exercise programmes relies on the concept of consuming fewer calories than are needed for daily activity: by limiting high-calorie foods from a daily diet, while including walking dieters can stand to reap tremendous benefits and fast fat loss results. When the body burns more calories than it takes in, fat cells are burned as a source of reserve energy, leading to you losing weight. By adding an activity like walking for weight loss, dieters create an even greater caloric deficit which leads to faster results. Walking for weight loss is a cheap, effective, and fast way to burn calories. Many people can burn an average of 100 calories per 1.5 kilometre spent walking, leading to a significant calorie burn after something as simple as a 5 kilometre walk.

Additionally, walking on a regular basis allows for dieters to improve their bone density, muscle strength, and respiratory function. The best exercise for losing weight can also boost overall health, as a regular schedule of walking boosts performance of the quadriceps, gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and calves. What’s more, walking can improve balance, increase lung function, and reduce hypertension and high blood pressure. While many exercise and weight loss programmes focus on simply losing weight, walking creates multiple benefits at once: walkers find themselves to be in better overall health, have reduced cardiovascular illness, and have even reported a boost in energy as a result of their workouts. By boosting stamina from a moderate to rigorous walking schedule, muscles are better equipped to intake blood oxygen which creates a feeling of alertness and energy for long after the exercise is over. The benefits to this inexpensive and versatile activity are numerous, and overshadow the short-term and narrow-minded gains of other exercise and dieting schemes.

While diet fads come and go, and gimmicky weight loss programmes fail more often than they succeed, walking remains as the best exercise for weight loss. Walking is simple, straightforward, easy, and can even be fun. Walking is an inexpensive hobby, only requiring a comfortable pair of shoes. Walking for exercise can be done on anyone’s schedule, and is not dependent on a gym membership or high-maintenance workout machinery. By walking, people can explore new terrains, see new neighbourhoods, and explore parts of their world which were otherwise unknown and unnoticed. All one needs to do is lace up and get outside in order to lose weight and improve their health, creating a healthy lifestyle one step at a time.

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01 Aug

Walking And Weight Loss – A Perfect Solution

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Through the past few years it has become popular to use walking and weight loss and one of the most well-known approaches is to basically walk 10,000 steps each and every day. This is a number that the government has decided upon because it is roughly the same as using up 500kcals each day, which taken over a complete week would mean the loss of 1lb of body fat. You can do this by wearing a device known as a pedometer, that monitors movement in the hips to measure the number of steps you’re taking.

Pretty good I’m sure you’ll agree. Losing 1lb a week might add up to losing 52lbs per annum, because of just walking 10,000 steps each day.

There are both rewards and disadvantages for this approach of using walking for weight loss and beneath I’ll describe each…


It is extremely easy and virtually anyone can do it It can be fitted around everyday life It is a great way of building an awareness of the need for being active and just how this may impact all around body fat ranges It’s a fantastic way to persuade folks to walk more frequently. Simply because you are documenting and monitoring your work, it is far more likely to be adhered to. There’s an old saying which goes ‘that which gets recorded or written gets done’ It provides an every day target and a focus to aim for. It’s a good way of encouraging people to consider exercise and activity each and every day.It’s simple to make-up any shortfall of steps. As an example you have been in appointments right through the day and haven’t had a an opportunity to go out at lunch time for example, then you could simply walk throughout the house for 10 – 15 minutes to add on more


To a lot of people walking 10,000 steps every day can seem like too much of a huge challenge. It is advisable to firstly buy and calibrate your pedometer. Now even though a pedometer is certainly a easy to use and cheap item of equipment (they cover anything from $5.00 up to $50.00) and not very hard to set the step span and other adjustments, to some this will nevertheless be a bit overwhelming. Digital pedometers aren’t always completely reliable. The less expensive ones are generally a tad too sensitive and can often even count the holes and bumps in the road when driving in a car as steps that you have walked that day. The benefits in your body shape, fitness and energy levels will be good at first, but after a couple of weeks your body will end up used the effort it requires to put in therefore will burn off a fewer number of calories as a result. Using walking and weight loss is a great theory and undoubtedly by pairing walking 10,000 steps a day together with other advanced walking tactics, you should be able to continue losing weight easily for some time to come. Overall I would absolutely recommend using this approach of walking 10,000 steps a day because it’s a straightforward, fast and proven way of using walking and weight loss.

It really can assist you to lose weight, tone up and get more fit.

Walking and weight loss both burn fat and walking is great for toning all those hard to reach places. My name is Jago Holmes CPT, I’m a certified personal trainer and I strongly urge you to read everything on the next page before trying another diet or exercise regime – walking for weight loss Use This Resource Box

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