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Walking to Lose Weight: Facts and Tips

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Walking to lose weight seems like a great idea. Yet it’s hard to believe, but most Americans don’t walk – other than to go to and from our homes, shopping, work and such. No wonder we’ve become a nation of fat people. We work so hard at our lives, that we don’t take care of our bodies. Rather than feeling badly about the situation, let’s examine a couple of truths about walking, and then review some tips that can help you get walking!

Some truths about walking:

  • Walking to lose weight – how much does it take to make an impact? The rule of thumb is about 30-60 minutes – most days of the week. It’s okay to skip a day or two, so long as you remain consistent. That will give you about ten thousand steps per day, or a good 4-5 miles per day.
  • Do you need to push hard or ‘burn’ for weight loss? No. Sure, you burn more calories when you move faster or push harder. But if you simply by stick with your walking, you don’t need to sweat to death in order to achieve great results.
  • Does walking provide other health opportunities? Yes, there are several important benefits, which include the following for starters: 1) a higher level of muscle tone and fitness, 2) lowered blood pressure and 3) less risk for heart disease. Other benefits include 4) lowering your bad cholesterol and 5) raising your good cholesterol. Plus, it will improve your mental health and your outlook!
  • The bottom line – How many calories will you burn during one hour of moderate walking? A person who weighs 150 lbs. will burn 180-220 calories in an hour. If you walk for an hour a day you will lose 1.75 lbs. per month.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Walk with a friend or spouse, assuming you enjoy the company. Plus, they’ll help you to stay on track.
  • Just get going, even if you don’t have much time. Even 10 to 20 minutes will add up over time!
  • Make it a habit. Try and walk daily at the same time if that helps.
  • Get creative! You’ll only exercise if you like what you’re doing over the long term. Pick a favorite park, walk your dog, or whatever makes you happy.
  • Do whatever it takes. A friend of mine is super busy professional, so during his walks he calls prospects.

Walking is my favorite way to stay fit! I’d rather be outside in the open air, than sweating in a crowded fitness center. Plus, walking doesn’t carry the same risk for injury that jogging does – yet it still provides similar results!

The best way to lose weight and keep it off for good is to exercise and to follow a healthy, proven diet plan. In the end you’ll only stick with an exercise program that you like. Walking to lose weight is the perfect way to have fun while getting fit – which means you’ll get leaner, healthier and happier at the same time.

Katherine researches and writes articles about health, weight management and wellness topics. She has a Holistic Life Coach Certificate and has been writing for over 10 years.

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26 Feb

How Daily Walking Can Help You – 6 Benefits of Walking Daily

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In this article I’m going to discuss the main benefits of daily walking which include excellent benefits for the lungs, blood, muscles, heart, bones and joints, brain, cardio system, immune system and just about every other part of the body. These benefits have been well researched and are known to occur with any type of daily walking regimen.

Lack of physical activity is known to be a big problem with cardiovascular disease. Your overall risk of heart disease is increased greatly if you maintain a sedentary lifestyle. A simple 2 mile a day walk can decrease this risk by up to 40%.

Buildup Heart Muscle

As you are walking much in the same way as if you are running you are building your heart muscle and the stronger muscle will be able to pump more blood quicker and with less beats. The end result is you have a heart muscle that is stronger, working more efficiently, and for a longer period of time.

Strengthen Bones

As women get older: over the age of 40 – bone loss and osteoporosis can become a problem. Any type of weight bearing exercise where you’re putting your body weight to use an exercise can help in this loss of bone density that happens naturally for anyone of this age. You can combine walking with any type of strength training to help maintain overall bone density. This type of low-impact activity is excellent for reducing your risk of injuries by almost 10 times comparing walking to running and you are getting all of the same aerobic and health benefits with walking that you do with running. Along with walking you should combine a diet full of calcium and healthy greens to help boost and build up the bones.

Control and Manage Diabetes

Diabetes can be hard to manage and maintain. If you can maintain a physical activity schedule you are much more likely to control and possibly even to reverse diabetes. To help control your blood sugar, manage your energy requirements for working out and exercising regularly, walking every day can help you by allowing your muscles to regulate your metabolism and help you control your diet and your diabetes.

Weight Gain Solved

Take control of your own weight gain and lose weight by following an healthy diet and get moving more than others by walking every day. A regular walking schedule can help to permanently change your metabolic function and may help you maintain a healthy weight once and for all.

Slow Cancer

Regular exercise is also been shown to reduce cancer risk and to even be protective against many types of cancer. Those who walked at least 2 miles a day were shown to have a 60% reduction in dying from cancer compared to those who only walked 1 mile a day. Your immune function and your entire body’s natural defense systems may be boosted considerably with normal moderate exercise.

Improve Emotional Health

You can reduce your stress and prove your overall mood increase your self-confidence and find a new well for empowerment with regular exercise such as walking. He may be able to lose weight or even maintain a healthy weight like continuing a walking regimen. Fitness walking, hiking, or walking in general can give you at increased sense of empowerment and control.

To summarize the six major benefits of maintaining a daily walking regimen include better health for your heart and circulatory system, building better bone mass and possibly preventing osteoporosis, managing maintaining and regulating and controlling diabetes, keeping your weight under control or balanced, lowering your risk of cancer or of dying from cancer, or improving your overall emotional well-being. Those sound like six really big benefits. Start a daily walking regimen today and see where it leads you.

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