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Improve Your Health With Fitness Walking

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Fitness walking may be one of the best ways to start an exercise program if you have been a couch potato for a long time. This is a great way to get moving, lose weight, and improve your outlook all in one simple plan. Walking is one of the most successful forms of exercise you can try because it is so easy to get started and you are able to set small goals that can be achieved.

Walking for fitness will give you the freedom to exercise indoors or outside. The options you have are many as it is all up to you. People who regularly walk as their primary means of exercise will often find their health improving as time goes by.

When you are starting out walking should probably be the foundation of your fitness schedule. It is always wise to check with your doctor before starting any fitness program, and that advice is especially important if it has been a long time since you have exercised.

It is important to start slowly if you are not used to exercising. Even though you are walking you need to take it somewhat easy at first. Don’t get so excited with your new passion that you overdo it and hurt yourself. There will be plenty of time for endurance walking after you get in shape.

I love to walk because it gives me time to think. Lots of business decisions are made on a track or treadmill. Many people listen to their favorite music while pounding the pavement. You get physical and mental fitness all in one package.

Fitness walking will help burn the extra calories away making it easier to stay trim and slim. You will soon find your overall fitness level improving. People often discover they can accomplish so much more than they could before starting. Most people feel better about themselves after sticking to a walking program.

Keeping track of the miles you walk is important and you should have some sort of record keeping system. A daily walking log will help you see the small steps to success. Always reward yourself when you reach a milestone. This helps keep you motivated and makes it harder to stop your program.

Although you may start with small 20 minute walks before you know it you will be going for 45 and 60-minute walks. Some people prefer to break up their routine with two 30-minute walks one in the morning and one after supper.

Walking is about the best way there is to start exercising. It is not as hard on your body as other forms of exercise. Although it is hard to get started walking if you just do it your health will thank you in so many ways.

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16 Mar

Creative Solutions To Your Health – Use Walking As Exercise 1/3

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We could all use a little more fun in our lives. And we could definitely all take some more steps to improve our health.

Sometimes it’s hard! We’re all busy, we’re all distracted.

We all need some fresh new ideas.

Welcome to the first of my three part series – 3 Creative Ways To Improve Your Health.

First up?


#1 Introduce more walking into your life!

Exercise is vital to our overall health.

It’s an unfortunate reality that two thirds of Canadians are leading an inactive lifestyle right now!

Walking might seem like such a mundane, commonplace activity – but it’s a really easy way to fit some exercise into your busy day. And if you think about it, chances are you don’t do a lot of walking! Many jobs these days require a long commute, and a lot of sitting still in front of a computer. We all need to move a little more.

Walking has a lot of additional benefits – besides the physical activity. Getting outside can work wonders on a bad mood. Our brains respond well to natural lighting – the amount of light we simply cannot get in an office. High levels of light stimulate our brain. Just as the sun pouring in through your window helps you muster the motivation to get out of bed and start the day, sunshine in the middle of the day energizes your brain as well.

How can you add walking to your life? You just need to be a little creative.

  • Do a week-long escalator/elevator ban. Take the stairs everywhere you go!
  • Better yet, run up that last flight. Getting your heart pumping every once and a while can have some real benefits on your health.
  • Driving somewhere that’s 5 minutes away? Save the gas, and save your health. Walk.
  • Walking can be a great social activity! Skip the movie, go for a walk or a hike with your friend. Looking to meet some new people? Join a walking club – or start your own!
  • Walk to work (or school, or the mall, or the library…) every once and a while.
  • Do you already walk to work? What if you didn’t take that short cut on your way home?
  • Park your car at the furthest spot at the parking lot. Not only will you have to walk further, but you’re less likely to get smashed by neighbouring parking cars.
  • Offer to walk your neighbour’s dog. Not only will this give you a great excuse to go for a walk, but you’ll neighbour will be impressed by your random act of kindness.

These are all extremely simple and fun ways to improve your fitness, one step at a time. Let these ideas inspire you to get creative on your own! Find ways to fit walking into your day.

Still not convinced?

Maybe it would help to understand just how vital exercise is to your overall health.

How does exercising work to benefit your body?

  • Decreasing levels of stress
  • Counteracting the symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Helping you get to sleep at night – combatting insomnia
  • Aiding healthy digestion
  • Improving posture
  • Improving balance
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Increasing bone density
  • Releasing endorphins which improve confidence and inspire a more positive outlook on life
  • Improving endurance, making it take longer before you feel fatigued
  • Improving circulation
  • Strengthening heart and lungs
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improving mood
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Reducing the risk of many diseases and disorders

And, of course:

  • Weight loss

And to think…You can get all these benefits from something as simple as a regular walk!

For more creative solutions to health, check out our site on creative health. Or learn more about the benefits of exercise. A healthy life is only a few great ideas away.

01 Mar

Power Walking Techniques That Help You Lose Weight And Get In Shape

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There is no denying it power walking techniques is a fantastic way to get into shape and then continue to keep fit. As I’m sure you can imagine you will not be moving at the speed that you would normally be attaining if you were running but it can still have significant advantages to your overall health and fitness.

One of the most advantageous benefits to power walking is that the amount of impact is greatly reduced as opposed to the amount that your joints can receive while running. Although running is a good exercise this amount of impact can damage your joints over an extended period of time. Power walking however does not have any significant level of impact by comparison. Because the feet are never both lifted from the ground of the same time your body weight is never brought down with the same level of force that it is while running and this can be a great benefit to the health of your joints.

Of course as with everything else you have to learn how to do it properly and acquiring a good knowledge of the correct power walking techniques is an ideal way to start. Power walking techniques are significantly different from normal walking and are designed to get the maximum forward momentum and give you as much speed as possible and thus the best exercise experience.

By using the correct power walking techniques you can actually achieve a speed far greater than many people can get to by running. Indeed you could actually, when a little bit more experienced and familiar with the techniques, find yourself overtaking many of the recreational runners in the park! Power walking is an extremely efficient way of exercising and allows you to make better use of your energy while lessening the possibility of an injury. It also does efficiently burn off a great many calories so if you are doing exercise to lose weight this is an ideal solution.

Power walking techniques are best applied by keeping your head up and level and not looking down, but ahead to where you are going so that you head does not drop at any time during the exercise motion. Your arms do need to be bent as you walking but do not be tempted to swing them wildly around in an attempt to gain further momentum. Instead, just move them gently and in a way that is comfortable and fits in with your walking. Your walking movement should come initially from the hip area so that it swings forward with the leg following and then straightening out. As you move forward you should apply energy to the back foot so that your forward momentum is maintained. Try your best not to take extra long steps, just use a stride that is natural to both the motion and the speed that you are going.

Of course it is not possible to really describe power walking techniques accurately and it is always better to learn by watching somebody do it and having them show you the correct technique. There is no great mystery to power walking techniques it is really just a question of practicing until it feels right to you.

Timothy Gorman is a successful Webmaster and publisher of Treadmill-Solutions.com. He provides more treadmill ratings, recommendations and information on what are the best treadmills [http://www.treadmill-solutions.com/article-1-what-are-the-best-treadmills.html] that you can research in your pajamas on his website.

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