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Start Walking For Your Health Now

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Start walking today! Start walking and keep walking for twenty one days in a row,to make walking a concrete habit for you. If you are able,ensure walking ranks high on your list of great things that you are doing for yourself, consistently. Walking is your new way of life. Embrace it.

Walking is the king of exercise, with swimming standing right next to it. Be clear,I’m not handing out medical advice or otherwise. I am stating what has worked for me and many throughout the millennium, in regards to the innumerable health reasons for you to get out and start walking.

I remember when over 10 years ago,one of my mother’s friends broke his leg. After the cast was taken off,the Doctor recommended he start walking as part of his getting back to normal routine.

He began his early morning walks at the mall,five days a week,following his Doctor’s advice. It was beneficial for his leg,plus the ‘side effect’ of experiencing the weight loss of 60 pounds within 6 months.

I walk throughout my neighborhood on days I don’t go swimming. I see people walking,running or going for a stroll as well. Start walking,and don’t be a weekend warrior and try to cram your walking routine into two days.

There are incredible benefits in just walking moderately a half-hour daily a day. It could add up to ten years to your life? If you don’t have a half-hour,then take 20 minutes. Walking is a big deal. It is something that will make a big impact of good upon you,on a physical,mental and spiritual level.

Whenever walking is an option,start walking! Walking is a way to get out of your head and begin to clear your mind. Your heart and the rest of your inside will probably rejoice.

Have fun with your walking. Make it a contest and see how many steps you can take everyday. Get one those inexpensive little pedometers. There are hundreds of them available online in a multiplicity of styles. Track how many steps you are taking. A measurable standard is 10,000 per steps per day?

We face at times, what seems the insurmountable pressures and stress of daily life. Start walking out those heavy burdens, concerns and weight. Walking may not help you get rid of them, however, it will put you in a stronger frame of mind on how to deal with them. Walking will give you a better perspective. I speak from personal experience.

In a world of almost seven billion people, you still matter. What you contribute makes a difference. You are contributing and giving all the time. Of talent,time and treasure. Give back to yourself the life giving gift of walking.

Start walking and see your life change. You are worth it!

To your health, Chad

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I wish you and yours the best of health, life, success and friendships. Have an outstanding decade!

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