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Walking: Saving Your Health and Your Money

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Doctors have long stated the benefits of exercising. Few people can afford a membership to a gym or the purchase of exercise equipment for their home. For health reasons, some people are unable to run or jog (unfortunately, I fall into that category). However, most everyone can go for a walk.

I travel a great deal and have made an observation about walking. People in many countries walk all the time. Europeans, especially, love to walk. They walk for recreation through beautifully maintained forest areas. Many times whole families walk together. Parks are plentiful with well laid out walking paths that are adequately lit and safe.

People in many countries also walk to work and to stores. Highways are crowded, parking spaces are scarce, so walking continues to be a part of a daily routine. Many cities have large pedestrian shopping areas that are easily accessed by public transportation.

The results are easy to observe. Obesity is rare in countries where walking is a common practice. I have noticed many people of advanced ages who appear just as healthy as those who are much younger. Children and adults alike are used to walking most everywhere.

The cost of gasoline worldwide has become very expensive. Walking can also save quite a bit of money – wear and tear on your vehicle as well as the cost of gasoline, oil, etc.

In America, admittedly, walking as a standard is somewhat more rare. Sidewalks are spotty at best and it is harder to find safe places to walk. It can be done, however. I often walk to the store in my small hometown in Texas. People often stop to offer me a ride because it is fairly unusual. They think my car must have broken down somewhere and are often surprised when I tell them I have chosen to walk rather than drive.

I walk for two reasons. I know that I need to exercise, but I am naturally frugal and want to save when I can. With walking, I get the benefit of both.

Stephanie B. Blake has frugality in her DNA and is always looking for ways to save money. She shares those hints on her website – http://www.stretchmoney.wordpress.com and in her book “Money: How to Be Rich Without It and How to Stretch It Using Ten Hints from the Past and the Technology of Today”.

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