29 Apr

WALKING – Learn Why It Is Advantageous!

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I was wondering if I could share something about the gainful advantages of walking, our primary ‘Vehicle’. Most of us, including me, plan to walk – start walking – but never continue. To overcome this there is only one solution, do not arrange for ‘a walk’, just move ahead on your own feet. It returns us more when we make our own body vehicular.

It is a time when people are more concerned about their shape and health; and it is the time when people are becoming more obese every day. Recent research reveals that in the U.S. 35.7% people are obese, which means more than one-third of the United States are suffering from obesity.

Your physician might ask you to do regular yoga or exercises, go join a gym or for a brisk walk in the early morning and in the evening. The question is how many of us ‘follow these instructions? Even if we start following these very healthy regimes, how long we continue with these – for a week, a few months or some years? After a certain amount of time, we convince ourselves with excuses and the most common amongst these is “I am not getting time these days”! Here lies a very simple and serious note: do we really not manage to get the time?

Here is a very simple way for arranging that ‘precious one hour’ of our life. Walk! Walk whenever you can. Walk when you are happy, walk when you are in a predicament, walk when you are planning, walk when you are having a coffee break in the office (if possible). You can even walk when travelling. It does not only earn you a good health, it SAVES you money. Thus walking is beneficial in many ways.

Walking saves you from doing vigorous exercises. For exercising you need to arrange for some time separately. If you are doing it at home, you might have been cautioned and advised not to do exhaustive physical exercises without the supervision of an expert. If you do it might harm your health (it might even harm if the expert is monitoring you). It also involves a question of investment.

When you walk you carry your body weight and this is the reason walking is known as weight-bearing exercise. Walking is not only beneficial if you are over-weight or want to keep yourself in shape. Walking is rewarding in many ways and profitable even you are not fat.

– It ensures fitness of your heart and lungs

– Helps maintain your cholesterol and blood pressure level

– Increases muscle strength

– Burns calories

– You gain Vitamin D which ensures stronger bone and saves you from osteoporosis

– Protects from cancers

These are only some of the many benefits related to your health. We cannot forget a fact that walking is not only associated with your health only. How can we forget considering these?

– It is probably one of the greatest habits you may form.

– It strengthens your thinking capability and blesses you with ample time to think. Yes, when you are just walking why not plan something about your work, or anything that requires your brain to be involved!

– It helps you to get rid of addictions. Make it your habit whenever your addictions call you, you will earn something, not lose.

– It helps you win back your emotional stability.

– It can be a time pass and will give you a better health when you are just loitering about.

Will any of the vigorous fitness therapies give all these free? Give it a thought! It is all about giving your health 1 hour or 30 minutes from 24 hours. Even if you skip for one day it won’t be harmful. I believe we all should embrace this habit (if it has not been restricted by a physician due to some health issues). We all will be fit and confidant, yes “WITHOUT AN EXPENSE”!

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25 Apr

Creative Solutions To Your Health – Use Walking As Exercise

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We could all use a little more fun in our lives. And we could definitely all take some more steps to improve our health.

Sometimes it’s hard! We’re all busy, we’re all distracted.

We all need some fresh new ideas.

Welcome to the first of my three part series – 3 Creative Ways To Improve Your Health.

First up?


#1 Introduce more walking into your life!

Exercise is vital to our overall health.

It’s an unfortunate reality that two thirds of Canadians are leading an inactive lifestyle right now!

Walking might seem like such a mundane, commonplace activity – but it’s a really easy way to fit some exercise into your busy day. And if you think about it, chances are you don’t do a lot of walking! Many jobs these days require a long commute, and a lot of sitting still in front of a computer. We all need to move a little more.

Walking has a lot of additional benefits – besides the physical activity. Getting outside can work wonders on a bad mood. Our brains respond well to natural lighting – the amount of light we simply cannot get in an office. High levels of light stimulate our brain. Just as the sun pouring in through your window helps you muster the motivation to get out of bed and start the day, sunshine in the middle of the day energizes your brain as well.

How can you add walking to your life? You just need to be a little creative.

  • Do a week-long escalator/elevator ban. Take the stairs everywhere you go!
  • Better yet, run up that last flight. Getting your heart pumping every once and a while can have some real benefits on your health.
  • Driving somewhere that’s 5 minutes away? Save the gas, and save your health. Walk.
  • Walking can be a great social activity! Skip the movie, go for a walk or a hike with your friend. Looking to meet some new people? Join a walking club – or start your own!
  • Walk to work (or school, or the mall, or the library…) every once and a while.
  • Do you already walk to work? What if you didn’t take that short cut on your way home?
  • Park your car at the furthest spot at the parking lot. Not only will you have to walk further, but you’re less likely to get smashed by neighbouring parking cars.
  • Offer to walk your neighbour’s dog. Not only will this give you a great excuse to go for a walk, but you’ll neighbour will be impressed by your random act of kindness.


These are all extremely simple and fun ways to improve your fitness, one step at a time. Let these ideas inspire you to get creative on your own! Find ways to fit walking into your day.

Still not convinced?

Maybe it would help to understand just how vital exercise is to your overall health.

How does exercising work to benefit your body?


  • Decreasing levels of stress
  • Counteracting the symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Helping you get to sleep at night – combatting insomnia
  • Aiding healthy digestion
  • Improving posture
  • Improving balance
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Increasing bone density
  • Releasing endorphins which improve confidence and inspire a more positive outlook on life
  • Improving endurance, making it take longer before you feel fatigued
  • Improving circulation
  • Strengthening heart and lungs
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improving mood
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Reducing the risk of many diseases and disorders


And, of course:


  • Weight loss


And to think…You can get all these benefits from something as simple as a regular walk!

For more creative solutions to health, check out our site on creative health. Or learn more about the benefits of exercise. A healthy life is only a few great ideas away.

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21 Apr

Is It Better to Run or Walk Your Way to Health And Wealth?


Quite frankly, building great wealth is pointless if you don’t have the great health to enjoy it. Sure, the wealth could pay for medical care, but one of the largest causes of death in the United States and elsewhere is hospital contracted disease. No, there isn’t a “War on Hospitals,” but you might consider why not.

Your best choice is to need as little mainstream medical care as possible. It is much better to spend your wealth on becoming and staying at peak health. Your productivity will be higher, your brain will work better, your level of happiness will help you enjoy life.

And what is the point of life, anyway, if you can’t enjoy it.

The ability to adapt and thrive is enhanced by feeling good, feeling strong, with a clear mind. Otherwise, your are trying to swim in mud.

Vibrant, Lifelong Health

There are many components to vibrant, lifelong health. The right food and nutrition probably accounts for 80% of your health. Are you eating organic foods as much as practical? Are you mostly eating non-processed foods. Are you selecting beverages without artificial sweeteners, or even worse, high fructose corn syrup?

Surely I’m preaching to the choir, here. But the temptations to savour those unhealthy foods, often treated or formulated to create addictions, is massive indeed. I’m not alone. It is often a long road to retrain a lifetime of culture, habit, comfort.

Know this: the wealthy elite, even though many reap giant profits from controlling agriculture, pharmaceuticals and processed foods won’t take the medicines or eat such food. They know better.

They also know the value of relaxing exercise.

Explore the Differences

Which brings us to a recent scientific article, published by the American Heart Association, which explored the differences between running and walking.

The study analyzed 33,000 runners and 15,000 walkers.

According to Science News, researcher found that “the same energy used for moderate intensity walking and vigorous intensity running resulted in similar reductions in risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and possibly coronary heart disease.”

“Walking and running provide an ideal test of the health benefits of moderate-intensity walking and vigorous-intensity running because they involve the same muscle groups and the same activities performed at different intensities,” said Paul T. Williams, Ph.D., the study’s principal author and staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Life Science Division in Berkeley, California.

Health Benefits Comparable

“The more the runners ran and the walkers walked, the better off they were in health benefits. If the amount of energy expended was the same between the two groups, then the health benefits were comparable,” Williams said.

This is great news for those of us who love the gentle pace and relaxation of walking, versus the more sweaty and often painful (if you don’t reach the endorphin level through time and intensity) running regime.

And it gets better.

Running reduced risk for first-time hypertension by 4.2 % and walking by 7.2 %.

Running reduced first-time high cholesterol 4.3 % and walking 7%.

Running reduced first-time diabetes 12.1 % and walking 12.3%.

Running reduced coronary heart disease 4.5 % and walking 9.3%.

In every case, walking provided the better result.

Sustainable Activity

“Walking may be a more sustainable activity for some people when compared to running, however, those who choose running end up exercising twice as much as those that choose walking. This is probably because they can do twice as much in an hour,” Williams said.

So for the go getter entrepreneurs who love the adrenalin rush, running can be just the thing.

Yet one of the well known keys to developing real wealth is not necessarily endless hours of hard work, but using the mind. What better way than during a long walk.

One of the richest men in history, Andrew Carnegie, spent only a few hours a day running the United States Steel Corporation, and took the summers off, vacationing in Scotland, where he was born.

Built His Wealth

It was his ideas that built his wealth, not hard, intense labour.

Then there is Brenda Ueland. She was one of the most prolific authors in history, with more than a million words in print.

“For me, a long five- or six-mile walk helps. And one must go alone and every day,” she wrote in her book If You Want to Write:.

“I have done this for many years. It is at these times I seem to get re-charged. If I do not walk one day, I seem to have on the next what van Gogh calls ‘the meagerness,’ ” or depression.

“I Feel Happy”

“After a day or two of not walking, when I try to write I feel a little dull and irresolute… But when I walk I look at the sky or the lake or the tiny, infinitesimally delicate, bare, young trees, or wherever I want to look, and my neck and jaw are loose and I feel happy and say to myself with my imagination, ‘I am free,’ and ‘there is nothing to hurry about,’ I find then that thoughts begin to come to me in their quiet way.”

But take your pick. Run or walk. Which ever makes you happy. Either way you benefit from increased good health, quiet time to sort through ideas that can build your wealth and security, or build your dreams of adventure.

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04 Apr

Want To Improve Your Health and Fitness? Take a Walk!

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If you are looking for a fun and simple activity that you can do to raise your overall health and fitness level, look no further than taking a daily walk. There are numerous health benefits of walking, some physical and some mental. A daily walk is easy to do, requires no special equipment or gym membership, and you will start seeing (and feeling) results right away.

First of all, the health benefits of a daily walk can be seen in your physical health. Getting up and getting your body moving each day is a great way to get fit, and stay fit. This is especially true of those of us who are getting up in years.

One of the biggest enemies of health for anyone, especially the elderly, is a sedentary lifestyle. For example, if you just sit around all day, your muscles will weaken, your metabolism slow down, and you will notice that you have difficulty walking or even standing for longer periods of time. Going for a daily walk is a sure way to ensure that your muscles stay active and in good shape.

Taking a walk each day helps strengthen the heart and lungs and improves the body’s endurance and ability to use oxygen. When you walk, your heart works harder so it can pump oxygenated blood from the lungs to muscles and internal organs.

In addition, to the benefits to the heart and lungs, you will also feel improvement in your legs and feet. Walking gives your legs and feet increased blood flow and stimulation that will relieve tension and stiffness, and enable you to walk further with less effort and pain.

Although walking can provide dramatic physical health improvements, not all of the benefits are of a physical nature. Walking also improves mental health and functioning. Many people enjoy taking a daily walk to help ease their mind, and regain mental clarity.

Time alone each day outside with nature is a great way to leave your cares behind and focus on positive thoughts. You can even use this time walking as a time for meditation and reflection. A good way to do this is to find a place such as a park or pathway that is quiet but not completely secluded to go for a walk every day. Stay moving for at least 20 minutes, and preferably more if possible for maximum benefits. This will be plenty of time to get your lungs and heart working, and your blood pumping to your body parts.

If you haven’t yet begun taking a walk each day, what’s holding you back? I encourage you to start as soon as you’re done reading this. If you want to improve your health and fitness without joining a gym or buying fancy exercise equipment, walking is a sure way to do it. Once you commit to doing it, you will start to see and feel the health benefits of taking a daily walk before you even know it.

One great way to walk for improved fitness and health is to use an exercise machine in the comfort of your own home. Two good choices to consider include the Weslo Cadence R 5-2 Treadmill and the very reasonably priced Stamina e1000 Elliptical Trainer. Good luck as you exercise!

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