29 May

The Benefits of Walking As a Form of Exercise

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A great, easy and inexpensive type of exercise that can amazingly bring a lot of benefit for our health is walking. Unfortunately there are a lot of people overlooking the power of walking. A lot of them are completely unaware of how powerful three brisk walks per week can do for their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

The results of taking a walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes might surprise you and looking at the end result of it can help make you change and adapt to this trend. Walking offers a large scale of benefits with few risks. Below are some of the health advantages you’ll most likely get for taking a few of minutes worth of brisk walks.


    • A study has reported that a person walking for at least 3 hours a week had a whopping 40% lower risk of stroke and heart attacks compared to another person who didn’t take the effort to walk. If you think that you have a family history of stroke or heart disease, you may want to get up from the couch and start walking.
    • Walking is easy and is not complicated compared to gym class. You don’t need to buy or rent any gym equipment nor pay for a trainer. A pair of good walking shoes, sneakers or running shoes is all you need. It’s inexpensive, safe and has few undesirable side effects compared to vigorous exercise.
    • It maybe the simplest form of exercise and walkers have lower chances of developing shin splints, torn muscles, cartilages or ligaments. Make sure to stretch your arms and legs before walking.
    • It is among the most efficient, low-impact workouts that are available.
    • This type of exercise has the capacity to help lower your blood pressure, improve your total cholesterol profile, reduce the risk of osteoporosis for women and helps lower your risk of certain kinds of cancer.
  • Surprising as it sounds, brisk walk or taking walk can help reduce stress!


How to Get Started

Although walking is safe, easy and dependable you don’t have to rush yourself. It’s always best to seek consultation to your health care provider. Get yourself screened and once your doctor gives you a go signal you can now start walking yourself to good health and fitness.

Also, you need to keep in mind your physical ability and don’t over exert yourself by trying to walk too far when just starting out. 10 miles or more is probably over doing it for most beginners. Assess and see what you’re capable of doing. Start slow and gradually build up your own pace. Eventually, you can see yourself walking for up to 10 miles without feeling restless and tired.

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25 May

Walking Improves the Mind and Body

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Do you love the arrival of Spring after a long cold winter? The air is warmer, flowers start to bloom and the longer daylight hours just invite you to get outside and get moving. What better way to enjoy the outdoors than by going out walking?

Walking is great to maintain a healthy weight, decrease body stiffness and tension, improve your posture, get fit, or just to enjoy the outdoors.

Walking is one of the best overall exercises for your health.

Walking is helpful with getting your joints moving and is a good choice for anyone who is dealing with health conditions such as arthritis. Walking also helps improve your cardiovascular system. Plus it lowers your risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke and decreases your chances of getting diabetes.

Other benefits include mental and emotional health, such as putting you in a better mood and helping to lessen and eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression. By incorporating a regular walking routine into your life, your health will benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Walking through green spaces like your favorite park also puts your mind into a relaxed state and allows for reflection at the same time. Your mind will become more aware of your surroundings, thus allowing it to become more calm and relieve the effects of the stress in your life.

Spending time outdoors is a fantastic way to reduce tension. It has been shown that taking a walk outdoors can help improve one’s memory and attention span. Plus, you’ll gain a boost of energy due to the fresh, crisp air, which can help you to refocus your mind.

Walking has been shown to boost stress-busting endorphins. This can also help to alleviate mild depression. Consequently, when you’re feeling down or depressed due to recent distressing events, or just from the struggles and challenges of everyday life, schedule some time for walking each week. This will allow you to receive these endorphins, as they can help to pick up your mood and focus your brain on everyday activities.

Walking can be a great social activity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. See how you can organize some friends together or gather some people to walk together a few times a week.

The companionship you can gain from walking together can do wonders for your mind and alleviate any stress you may be feeling. Not only will you spend time with other people, you can also help each other deal with any problems you’re facing by talking and listening to each other.

As you can see, your mind can receive many healthful benefits by walking regularly. Walking in nature, especially in a favorite spot, can help to take your mind off of regular stress you’ve been feeling, while also making your mind more aware of its surroundings.

Walking is a fantastic way to explore your neighbourhood, meet new people, and enjoy the fresh air all while reaping the health benefits.

So why not spring into walking this spring?

The best way to start a new walking routine is to plan for it. Work out the best time of day to walk including for how long. Take some time out during your week to walk for twenty to thirty minutes (target two to three times a week).

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16 May

Workout Desks Provide Numerous Health Benefits

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I would always rather be out on the trail experiencing my next adventure then trapped inside, behind my desk at the office. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, you spend more time at your desk than you do outside doing what you love. Think about how fit you could be if you had a workout desk, if you could burn calories and keep your heart healthy even while working on that spreadsheet.

You no longer need to imagine what it would be like. There are workout desks available for home and office which are ergonomic, inexpensive and provide a number of remarkable health advantages. Within this article you’ll find out a few of the incredible advantages that are possible to achieve by using a workout desk and I’ll review three of the most popular options available.

Health Advantages

You’ve known for sometime that walking is good for you. It keeps your heart strong, it’s low impact on the joints and it allows you to feel better overall. However, there’s more data coming out on a regular basis that suggests walking may help reduce your risk of serious health problems as well.

Recent studies have shown that walking can dramatically reduce the risk of heart attack, diabetes stroke and even cancer. Unfortunately, many American professionals walk less than fifty percent of the steps required during the day to achieve these health benefits.

If you’re uncertain how many steps you’re taking per day you can pick up an affordable pedometer and compute your daily totals.

The ADA, AHA and NIH say that Walking just 10,000 steps per day can:


  • Reduce the rate of Type II diabetes by 50% – American Diabetes Association
  • Reduce initial heart attack rate by 90% – American Heart Association
  • Reduce stroke rate by 70% – American Heart Association
  • Reduce cancer rate between 30 -70% National Institutes of Health


Moreover, walking provides general health benefits, reduces stress, can provide more energy, better sleep, fight fatigue and much more.

Typically, if you walk for an hour you take anywhere from 4000-6000 steps. Using a workout desk, you could easily top 10,000 steps a day and be able to realize the health benefits outlined above.


If you haven’t looked at treadmill desks in awhile you might imagine a sizable piece of furniture. In reality, today’s models are modest, lightweight and can be customized to fit your existing treadmill. Most models come with cup holders, a place for your phone, files, and computer keyboard or laptop.With everything you need close by, you can be a productive employee even while maintaining a slow and steady pace on your treadmill.

These units are fully adjustable so that your work surface can be set at the appropriate height for you. When you’re done you may even choose to fold up your desk and treadmill to further maximize your office space.


There’s a wide array of desks to consider and something that fits every budget, starting with the SurfShelf Treadmill Desk which is a shelf that attaches to your treadmill or stationary bike to hold your laptop or apple iPad. While not ideal for most office professionals, the SurfShelf does provide for some good multi-tasking options and sells for under $50.00.

If you already have a treadmill, incorporating a workout desk like the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk is a simple and affordable way to add a workout into your work life. With plenty of space to satisfy your needs, it costs less than $500.00 and is an outstanding option for either home or office.

If you don’t have a treadmill there are additional solutions which come complete with one like the LifeSpan Treadmill Desk. At over $1000.00 it’s higher priced than the TrekDesk, still considering you’re getting a desk and treadmill it’s a good value.


If you spend a lot of time working in a sedentary position you might be missing out on some of the health benefits associated with walking. Utilizing a workout desk and walking while you work benefits your health, will keep you focused, effective and prepared for your next weekend adventure.

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06 May

Walking to Improve Health and Complexion

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Do you think that if you can’t go running 5 times a week or spend a lot of time working out in the gym, you might as well forget about health benefits from exercise? Not at all! This might be an unusual homemade recipe for beauty, but walking is grossly underestimated to improve health and looks. How can walking improve your health and complexion?

Walking for beautiful skin

A brisk walk is one of the best forms of exercise to improve blood circulation and skin tone. The color, brightness, and rosiness of your skin determine if your skin has an appealing “glow,” which is a sign of good health. As walking stimulates circulation your therefore get a rosier skin that looks healthier and more beautiful.

Studies show that walking keeps bones strong, preventing osteoporosis. It builds strength, flexibility, stamina, and promotes weight loss and weight maintenance. Additionally, walking improves sleep, enhances mental function, and can even help to counteract depression. All this is reflected in your complexion–you’ll look healthier and more appealing.

Other health benefits

Researchers found that a 15-minute walk brings more relief from anxiety and tension than a mild tranquilizer! Like other physical activities, walking triggers the release of endorphins, brain chemicals that relieve pain and stimulate relaxation, producing a sense of calm and well-being.

Even a leisurely stroll can produce health benefits. Walking as little as half a mile a day reduces mortality. Exercising three times in a day, for 10 minutes each time, will do you almost as much good as exercising continuously for 30 minutes. Try parking farther away from your destination and walking the rest of the way. Or go for a short walk sometime during the day.

Even greater benefits can come from brisk walking-you burn more calories and fat. Going from being sedentary to walking briskly for a half hour several days a week can help you lose weight and drop your risk of disease dramatically.

How to do a good workout

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Use flexible, lightweight shoes with a cushioned low heel and roomy toe box. Warm up by walking at an easy pace for the first five minutes. Maintain an upright posture, keeping the elbows and knees slightly bent and hands cupped, not clenched.

After warming up, fall into a natural, brisk stride in which the heel of the foot strikes the ground first, rolling through the step to the toes. Your pace should allow you to carry on a full conversation without getting breathless. Cool down by slowing your pace near the end of your walk.


  • Walk tall, with your chin up, focusing 15-20 feet ahead
  • Keep a moderate pace, you should to be able to converse normally
  • For extra speed, take quicker, shorter steps
  • Swing arms with elbows close to the body
  • Don’t land flat-footed but roll through each step, and push off with your toes
  • Don’t carry weights–these can strain ligaments and tendons


Pay attention to how your body responds–if you experience tightness or pain in your chest, palpitations, dizziness, or nausea, stop walking and seek immediate care.

Walking is low impact and can have a definite advantage over running and aerobics; there is less chance of injury to joints and muscles. Indeed, walking to increase circulation and burn calories is highly recommended. So, to improve your looks, take a walk!

Ken Silvers is a writer on health and skin care. For more than 20 years he has successfully used natural products for his own health problems. He is convinced that a natural and organic approach to skin care is superior to most commercial and synthetic products. For more useful information on homemade recipes for beauty visit, http://www.skincarerecipecenter.com/.

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02 May

Walking Smart for Your Health

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Any person who wants to walk for exercise will be walking for their good health. Doing this is walking smart and performing a good, healthy activity for themselves.

I have written this post to show all 50+ citizens how walking is a great exercise for your health.

The first thing that you should do is get an O.K. to walk from your health care provider. That seems pretty simple, but when a person is walking they are doing a physical activity. So, you should get a checkup from your health care provider.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about your actual walking. If you are a person who walks you are actually exercising. This activity of exercising is a very good one for keeping everybody healthy and mobile.

A person can develop a spring in his/her step, and this is a good motion for all 50+ people.

The only must is that you wear a good, sturdy shoe that is made for walking. That is very important for all walkers to do.

In the beginning of your program you should start to walk slowly. You are not to walk too far or too long, only walk for about ten minutes.

This activity also helps keep your blood pressure under control. With the movement of walking a person creates an activity for your blood pressure to get it in control. That is for sure a good thing.

Another good thing that walking can do for you is to improve the circulation in your hips, legs, and feet. This motion keeps the blood flowing good and strong.

This motion of walking helps improve a walker’s leg circulation.

If you are a business person or a 50+ year old walker, you should have a solid blood pressure under controlfor you to walk. That support that you use to walk is your legs and feet.

Your legs and feet give you the ability to move about during your exercising.

Also when you are walking/standing you should not think about any problem or circumstance that is concerning you. You will find that doing that you will enjoy your walks even better.

Now you will be able to develop a solution for your problem if you have a clear head. Walking will give you that clear head.

Another good point for my readers is that any walker will strengthen up their back from their walking exercise.

Your back will not be as strong or as straight as a 35 year old’s back, but it will be somewhat straighter and stronger than it was before you started to walk. And you will develop a better posture also.

A walker may will need a support. Their feet and legs should supply that support and some stability. All people need this support and stability when walking or moving about. You can get this support from your feet by wearing good strong foot gear (shoes).

There are many types of supports any senior can get for their walking activity which are available today in so many places.

These range from knee supports to arch supports, they will give your knees and feet some support and a more comfortable step.

Arch supports vary in the amount of firmness that they can give a walker. They range from a soft cork type of filling to a firmer type of plastic. They all are comfortable to wear in your shoes.

Remember, to wear good foot gear or walking shoes that are comfortable and stable. You will also need socks and clothing that will not let you get too warm.

This statement by Dr. McQuillan who does a lot of work with walkers he says that walking is a great exercise for all seniors.

I have written this post for all of my fifty plus readers/walkers and I hope that all of you will start if you are not walking to start real soon.

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This article will provide you with information you can use so that you do not need to keep suffering from arthritis foot pain. It describes the best forms of exercise you to do for your foot and leg for anyone suffering with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

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