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Get Fit the Fun Way

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The effort and stress involved in most conventional workouts discourage people from getting fit. Here are a few activities which offer you the opportunity to lose some weight while having fun.


Walking can be a very fun way to reduce weight and stay fit. In fact, experts say that walking 10,000 steps daily can help keep you healthy. Some people think that walking only exercises your feet and legs. However, you should know that walking actually helps improve your cardiovascular system, building up blood vessels so you have more oxygen stored in your blood. This helps increase your endurance and helps you keep your energy up after a long day.

When you take a walk, remember to enjoy the journey. Some people use treadmills, but that would actually be pretty boring and would seem like too much work to be worth it. When you take a real walk or even a jog, however, you’ll get to enjoy observing what’s going on around you. You might even manage to forget that you are exercising.

Video Games

Oh yes, there are actually video games that can help you stay fit and active. This equals to a lot of fun and a lot of calories lost. One of the most popular active video games is DDR or Dance Dance Revolution. This video game involves you stepping on a dance pad in time to instructions on the screen. Just a few minutes on DDR will get your heart pounding, your sweat pouring and your face smiling.

Another option would be the ParaParaParadise dance machine. This game is actually based on a popular dancing style in Japan called “Parapara”. Although the traditional modes have specific steps to follow in order to be considered a legitimate score, the game also offers a “freestyle mode” which allows you to be more creative and be more active. Offering different difficulties accompanied by energizing music, you’ll never realize you are actually exercising on this machine. A version is also available for use with Sony’s eye-toy.

The Wii is the latest to come out with active video games. Using motion-sensor controllers, a gamer will actually have to move in order to play the games. You need to punch when playing boxing games, you need to swing the controller in order to wield your sword and slay the dragon.

The active video game also helps boost morale by making you feel as if you have accomplished something. There are high scores to beat, after all.

Martial Arts

Forget repetitive and seemingly-senseless movements. What discourages people from doing aerobics or other types of traditional exercise is that they can be pretty boring and actually only burn a few calories per hour.

Martial Arts, on the other hand, can help you burn as much as 1000 calories an hour! Now that is some exercise.

In Martial Arts, your whole body will stay active -this means you will be able to tone and shape every muscle in your body. What’s more, this workout is far cry from being boring. You get to learn a new skill, practice it against opponents and generally focus on something other than how much weight you’re supposed to be losing.

What’s great about martial arts is that every move has its purpose. Whether it’s knocking out an enemy or regenerating life energy, martial arts is something where all movements count. Did you know that people who begin practicing Tai-Chi during their retirement years can actually extend their active life?


Dancing is another activity where you can get fit without actually thinking about exercise. It allows you to let lose, get those muscles working and that blood pounding. Dancing is all about having fun and feeling good about your body and your moves. It’s all about self expression and communication without words. Real exertion in dance can burn off as much calories as martial arts!

Dancing allows you to learn a skill and improve your overall personality. It allows you to become more aware of what you can do as a person. Dance also helps relieve stress and produce endorphins for that natural high.

Actually, various types of workouts are based on dance movements. Although these workouts pretty much focus on getting the same results as your regular exercise routine, the pacing and rhythm involved makes the exercise fun and more vigorous.


Swimming is another activity that exercises the whole body. If you live near the beach or at least have a pool nearby, you should take advantage of the exercise opportunity. Of course, in order to keep fit with swimming, you’ll need to actually move. Just lounging about in the pool will not help sculpt your body.

What’s great about this activity is all the resistance you have to contend with. The water, despite supporting your buoyant body, actually causes every movement to require extra exertion. It also cools off your body. This equals to a great intense yet comfortable workout.

Why should you stress yourself when you can relax and get fit at the same time?

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