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20 Feb

How to Improve Your Health by Walking

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There has been many study’s on the benefits of walking, and have proven over and over again that walking is good for us and has many positive effects on the body. Add a healthy diet with walking and it can help reduce diabetes, and heart disease.

Walking helps strength your inner core and tone your body. Walking reduces body fat, decreases blood pressure and helps with high cholesterol.

Walking is a good exercise for your legs, heart, and your lungs. It reduces anxiety, and helps with depression. It helps to lower high blood pressure, and increases bone health especially the hip bone. Walking can also lower the harmful bad LDL cholesterol while raising the good HDL cholesterol.

With all the great benefits offered to you by walking what is holding you back? Its not hard, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you do have medical problems check with your Doctor before starting, but get out there and get stared.

Make sure you do stretching exercises for flexibility and strength. You want to warm up your muscles prior to any exercise.

To be successful at walking you will need to be patience. No one is able to tell you how fast to walk when you first start, but a good place to start is to walk for twenty minutes at least four to five days a week. Walk at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you need to start out slower or need to start out for ten or fifteen minutes, that is ok. In time your body will get stronger so you will be able to walk faster and longer.

When walking watch your posture, stand tall, with head held high, relax your shoulders, tighten your abdominal muscles and gluts muscles using a natural stride. You should drink lots of water before, during and after you walk.

Your biggest expense should be on a good walking shoe. You want a well fitting shoe that is light weight and breathable. Also make sure that your shoes fit you properly.

So what are you waiting for get out there and enjoy the benefits of walking.


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14 Feb

Ten Small Steps to Improve Your Health and Fitness

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There are many ways to improve your health and well being. Often even the smallest changes can have lasting benefits. Here are 10 small ideas you can use to begin to improve your health. They are divided into three major categories:


Drink plenty of water. Although, most physicians will tell you that drinking 8 glasses of water per day is not necessary to maintain optimal health. Still, your body needs water and it has many staying sufficiently hydrated has health benefits. The amount of water needed depends on the day’s heat and the amount of aerobic exercise attempted by the individual. Some medical conditions, such as a susceptibility to forming kidney stones in males, are reduced by an adequate water intake. Although flavored water and vitamin-enhanced water are available, there is nothing like plain old pure water. Water keeps you hydrated and has the added benefit of helping you feel full sooner during meals – meaning that you may eat less.

Maintain a balanced intake of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Most Americans eat too many simple carbohydrates at the expense of adequate protein. Carbohydrates are an important part of your diet, but eating the right carbohydrates is key. According to the National Institutes of Healthmost people should get between 40% and 60% of total calories from carbohydrates, preferably from complex carbohydrates (starches) and natural sugars. Complex carbohydrates provide calories, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Foods that are high in processed, refined simple sugars provide calories, but very little nutrition. It is wise to limit these sugars. So, in other words, eat more fruits and vegetables, whole-grain rice, breads and cereals, beans, lentils and dried peas. Eat/drink less processed sugar, candy, soda, white bread, etc.

Limit alcohol use. Some alcohol has been proven to have overall benefits to health. But, if you don’t drink, don’t start because of these findings, it’s not necessary. However, if you drink wine with the evening meal has been proven to have cardiovascular benefits. Moderation is key, as part of a healthy diet, the daily intake should be limited to the equivalent of one glass of wine.



Walk whenever possible, don’t ride. Don’t park near the door; walk across the parking lot. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. Use the rest room or copier at the far end of the building. Each step taken is a step towards better health.

Do minor weight training. Have a pair of light hand weights at your desk and by the television. Use them while relaxing at home or when on the telephone in the office.

Stretch. Working long hours in the same position can cause muscle stress and stiffness. If you can, take a yoga class, you will be surprised at how much better you feel – less stressed and more flexible. Since lack of flexibility is prevalent in men and increases with age in both men and women, this is an especially important tip.


Take breaks from work. Working through lunch or through an earned break is self-defeating. When an employee returns from a break, he will tackle his challenges with renewed vigor.

Smile. When genuine it helps reduce stress and besides, it’s just more pleasant than frowning and complaining.

Decorate your workspace, if permitted. A photograph of the family or an inspiring scenic picture can be a potent source of relaxation.

Keep everything in perspective. Good days will follow the bad days. Every cloud has a silver lining. Often your attitude is what makes the difference. Remember, a glass that is half empty is also half full.

Donna is a former aerobics instructor and lifetime fitness advocate and trainer. Visit her on the web at

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12 Feb

Lose Weight and Improve Your Health by Walking – Why Walking is the Way to Get the Results You Want

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Walking can be the best type of exercise to lose weight and get in shape, especially if you have had a serious illness, injury, or have been out of shape of more than a year. It is also much easier to motivate yourself to walk than to do most any other type of exercise.

What you may not know is that you can make a dramatic change to your level of fitness, gain muscle, and lose fat by walking daily for the next six to eight weeks. This will also increase your metabolism, so if you combine walking with a healthier diet you will metabolize your food more effectively so you will lose weight.

When you cut down on the fat and sugar you are eating, begin walking for twenty to thirty minutes each day, and continue this for six weeks or more, you are likely to experience the following results:

  • You will have effectively reduced your risk for heart disease, including stroke
  • Lowered your blood pressure to an acceptable range
  • Lowered your blood cholesterol
  • Increased your HDL, or good cholesterol level
  • Lowered your risk of becoming diabetic, which can also lead to more serious complications

Of course, everyone will have a different result, but any doctor will agree that walking daily and reducing the fat and sugar in your diet will improve your health in a major way. You will also feel better overall and have more energy and sleep better. As you begin to lose weight and fat and gain more muscle mass, you will feel like a new person. It isn’t just about improving your health and reducing your risk of disease, you will also look better and fit into clothes that you have probably been wanting to wear. So do it for your health and enjoy the added benefit of a better physical appearance.

And now I invite you to find out more by visiting and get started right away to the new thinner and healthier you. Isn’t it time that you got the most out of your life?

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21 Nov

Get Healthy – Just Do One Thing At A Time

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If you’ve started to notice that your health is declining and it’s time to do something about it, you’re probably wondering where to start. You know you don’t feel good, you know you’re not doing enough healthy things for yourself, but it can all be a bit overwhelming. Even if your primary goal is to drop a few pounds and just feel better… which action should you take first?

One school of thought is to take massive action. This is certainly a good thing and has helped many overcome great obstacles. Taking massive action should lead to massive results. However, when it comes to changing your health, which massive action should you take? Go and buy every vitamin in the store? Run laps around your block until your legs won’t move? Schedule appointments with a chiropractor, personal trainer, massage therapist, and psychologist?

My suggestion is to take massive action… on one thing at a time. Pick something. It doesn’t have to be anything other than something that will move you closer to a long term goal of being healthy. To me, that would mean that I’m an appropriate weight, I’m generally free of pain, I have lots of energy, and my moods are pretty consistent in a positive way.

The major categories are going to be eating better and exercise.

Eating right can start with eliminating the things that you know are bad for you that you regularly eat. Too many sodas? Trips to the vending machine? Double frappacinos with whip? Something just popped into your head and you know it’s been slowing leading to a decline in your health. Pick one and let it go.

Bring your lunch to work a couple of days per week or find something healthy that you can eat at least once per day. Start taking a decent multi-vitamin if you’re not doing so already and drink a lot more water. Just do something healthy.

Once you’ve got this habit formed and are starting to feel pretty good about your results, time to reassess and eliminate something bad and add in something good. Keep this up until you get where you want to go.

What about exercise? I have to admit, doing this regularly is not always the easiest thing for me. I say it’s about spending the time and effort, but I think it’s more about not spending the time finding something that I really enjoy doing. You don’t have to start an exercise program by planning to run a marathon (unless that helps you get motivated).

Walking 1 mile and running 1 mile burn about the same amount of calories since it takes longer to walk that same distance. Find ways to walk more, even if it just means parking your car further away from the building at work. You can do it, but you have to start somewhere and that means taking action towards your goal.

You can get healthy, really! It’s possible for those that are willing to make the effort. If your health has declined to such a degree that you need professionals to help you heal and feel better, then by all means do that too. Take massive action… just do it on one thing a time.

Dr. Philip Cordova is a chiropractor in Houston, Texas. More information about this Houston Chiropractor can be found on his website at

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19 Nov

How to Get Healthy and Silence the Inner Critic

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For many, the desire to “get healthy” is an inner critic that reminds them constantly that it is time to give some attention to their health. They think about it when they get dressed or get on the scale, wishing they had not gained the extra weight. They think about it when they are doing an activity that requires more energy and stamina, sweating bullets and thinking about how they need to exercise more. And they think about it when with their healthier friends, the ones who seem to miraculously keep the weight off despite having had three children.

If you find yourself in that category, take comfort in the knowledge that you can get healthy. It is a state of being that is achieved by making small, sustainable changes in your food and lifestyle choices. Those small steps start adding up, resulting in a significantly healthier lifestyle, one that enables you to lose weight healthily and keep it off, increase your energy and maintain your new found health.

Eat Your Greens

Adding more vegetables and fruit to your diet, especially leafy greens, is key to getting healthy. The Standard American Diet (SAD) that we grew up with, where meat occupies the prominent position on the plate at most meals, is not a healthy way to eat. Getting more plants in your diet is easy, and delicious. Start your day with a whole food plant based shake, or simply put two handfuls of baby spinach into the blender with some plant-based milk and a banana for sweetness.

For lunch, skip the meat sandwich and opt for a leafy green salad with lots of crunchy veggies, seeds and nuts for protein. Many vitamins in leafy greens are fat soluble, so use a small amount of a full-fat or reduced-fat organic dressing that is made of just natural ingredients – check the label – or make your own with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

At dinner, reduce the meat portion to a quarter of the plate, and introduce a third vegetable. At least twice a week, cook a meatless meal that uses fiber and protein rich beans as the protein. Most recipes that call for ground beef, like enchiladas, casseroles and tacos, can be easily swapped for pinto beans, black beans and cannellini beans.

Find Enjoyable Moderate Exercise

If you are strapped for time and cannot seem to fit going to the gym into your schedule, do not worry. Getting healthy does not require a daily hour-long workout. Moderate exercise, like fast-walking, trampoline jumping, and brief workouts at home strengthens your body and increases your endurance. Studies have shown that walking just 15 minutes a day reduces stress, increases your energy, reduces your risk of disease, and makes you happier. Find some form of exercise that you enjoy, and do it regularly.

Get Support to Stay Motivated

Getting healthy is easier when you have someone helping you stay motivated and on track. Inform your family members of your desire to improve your eating habits and exercise routine. Ask them to lovingly support you by not bringing food into the home that you know you cannot resist, and invite them to accompany you on bicycle rides, walks and other activities. If you have a friend who also wants to get healthy, meet up with them at least once a week and review your goals, what you have achieved and discuss what might be blocking progress and changes that could be made. Working with a holistic health coach can also be a fun and enjoyable way to get healthy.

You can stop thinking about getting healthy and start your journey to attaining a healthy body. Make small improvements in your food choices and exercise routine each week, and before long you will notice weight loss and increased energy. Keep motivated with the help of a friend or a holistic health coach. In time you will enjoy your new way of eating and exercising, and you will no longer hear that inner voice urging you to “get healthy!” You’ll be the healthy person that you always dreamed possible.

Stephanie Leach is a Holistic Health Coach and CEO of Learn how to make healthy eating fun and enjoyable by claiming your free 5-day eCourse 5 Keys to Eating Better and Loving It!”

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05 Nov

Find Time to Get Healthy

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With so many things in our daily schedule to complete it is sometimes near impossible to find the time to exercise or even prepare a healthy meal, so we ignore the our local gyms and opt for the takeaway as it seems just easier all round. However with a few simple changes, a healthy lifestyle can be achieved and all it takes is a little forethought.

Is it exercise or being good to yourself?

Changing your mindset about exercise can make all the difference in the world, when you view keeping fit as a chore then you are less likely to find the time to fit it into your day. However by believing exercise is just what you need to set you up for the day or to de-stress you after a stressful day at work you can see that you are actually being good to yourself. Exercise releases powerful hormones which can alleviate stress and also make you feel more confident and in control, who doesn’t want to feel good, chores will never make anyone feel good, but taking even just ten minutes to do some stretches or dancing round the living room can have an impact on your whole day.

Success is in small goals

If you view getting healthy as a huge goal, you will probably be put off after the first few weeks, but by breaking progress down into small manageable steps it is far easier to incorporate into your daily routine. Instead of sitting behind your desk at lunchtime, go for a walk. Instead of munching on high street sandwiches, make your lunch whilst preparing dinner the night before, ensuring you know exactly what is going into your lunchbox. You don’t need to think that you need to lose huge amounts of weight by a set time, however by setting a small weekly or monthly goal will be much easier to attain and you will be less likely to veer off of the path you have planned for yourself.

Have a purpose

Getting healthy in itself is a purpose however, it is a very large purpose and can encompass many things from, losing weight, to keeping up with the kid’s on the football pitch to being able to climb the stairs without getting out of breath. You need to be able to set the reason why you want to achieve overall healthiness and a great way is to set a purpose. If you want to shift your mind out of neutral or a highly stressed mind, then consider yoga, if you want to feel more toned then try weight training, if you want to feel more confident try Pilates.

Time for exercise is not really an issue it is the achievable goals you set, start off small and with each success you will feel more confident and you will be able to think of ingenious ways of putting healthiness into your life rather than trying to avoid it because it seems like a huge task. Feeling healthy and fit is the one of the greatest gifts you can give to your body, so why not treat yourself to feeling good.

June Bright is an avid health and fitness writer who takes part in many health related activities and also writes for her local gyms and health clubs.

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02 Nov

Lose Weight and Get Healthy Over 40

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Making a decision to lose weight and get healthy when you’re over 40 can be daunting. Where do you start? What to eat and what exercise and how much? These are all questions we ask ourselves when we want to lose weight and get healthy.

Step 1. Eat well

A good diet is one of the key factors of health- you really are what you eat. The idea of overhauling what you eat can seem daunting, but you probably only need to make a few changes to supercharge your diet. Some simple changes can make all the difference.

Make sure to eat breakfast otherwise your sugar levels will drop, leaving you with cravings for unhealthy foods halfway through the morning, as your body demands quick energy. Avoid sugary cereal, instead go for sugar-free muesli or porridge. Eggs also make a good breakfast, have a couple of poached or scrambled eggs on some wholemeal bread. If you don’t have much time in the morning – a pot of natural yogurt and a banana makes a good speedy breakfast or an apple and a handful of nuts. Vary your meals, in this way you won’t get bored and tempted by junk food. Try new varieties of vegetables, experiment with new foods, tastes and textures. When eating out, always have a serving of salad or steamed vegetables and if you have a desert make it fruit-based. The most important thing to remember when you want to lose weight and get healthy is to make sure you never get too hungry, so eating small amounts every couple of hours is the key to staying slim.

Step 2. Keep active

Staying physically fit not only helps keep your weight down, but also reduces your risk of a wide range of diseases. Focus on two types of activity: Aerobic exercise, anything that gets your heart rate up is what you’re after; cycling, jogging, running, a brisk walk, dancing, swimming,whatever takes your fancy. While keeping your heart healthy with aerobic exercise, it’s important to build muscle mass, too, especially when you’re over 40. Your metabolism begins to slow with age, and building muscle will help increase the rate at which your body burns calories. Any activity that uses your own weight to help you tone up is muscle-building, including yoga and Pilates.

Step 3. Find a balance

For most women over 40, life is hectic. Taking care of a home and family, working and trying to fit everything else in, together with the fact that fluctuating hormones play havoc with mood and energy, can all get a bit too much at times. It is essential to find the right balance so if you do nothing else… walk for thirty minutes every day, you can divide this into ten-minute segments. Have a stroll in your lunch hour, park the car at the furthest point in the supermarket and get off the bus one stop earlier and you’ve done it. Take some time out, find a few minutes to sit quietly every day, even if it’s just to have a cup of herbal tea in a cafe during your lunch break. Get seven to eight hours sleep at night as this is essential if you want to lose weight and get healthy.

P.S. for a new approach to losing weight over 40 visit [].

Carole Isle writes articles on weight loss without dieting targeted for women over 40 based on her life experiences; Carole was a size 8 all her life till the age of 40, then she had her third child and her weight started creeping up till she was a size 14; She set out to find a way of losing all the extra weight without dieting and now at the age of 56 she is down to a size 10, to find out more visit [].

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08 Oct

Summer’s Over: Tips to Get Back to Fitness

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So you took some time off this summer. Okay, well maybe you took the entire summer off.

Summer is over now, but not your life.

Now is the time to restart your good fitness habits and regain all the great benefits you were starting to appreciate.

You still want to look good and feel good but you’re having a hard time getting back to your workout schedule.

You need to attack from the inside and the outside! These ideas can help:

• Put some “reminders” in plain sight. Reminders could be pictures to inspire you. Even better- position your hand weights or your walking shoes where you can’t avoid stumbling over them if you don’t pick them up and use them.

• Remember your positive effective self-talk, your personal and unique inner voice that coaches you and literally gets you going. It worked before and it can work again. No one ever regrets having healthy habits.

As for next summer, consider that the “future” is a figment of imagination. Live today the way you would like to live tomorrow.

What is it about summer that makes us want to take a break from our routine? Is it the warm weather? Moving to a different climate isn’t against the law.

Workouts should feel good. Make adjustments to your workouts so they feel good during and after.

Half of fitness is eating well. Choosing your food from taste alone is almost pre-historic. You can do better. You need food that multi-tasks, food that’s delicious AND nutritious.

If you have a “grab and go” eating style, then you may need to plan better to ensure that your choices are nutritious.

When shopping for food, don’t be caught hungry and short of time:

• Avoid buying food at gas stations or quick marts. They mostly sell cravage- garbage foods that were designed to drive cravings without providing valuable nutrition.
• Buy groceries that you can eat or store in your kitchen, your car, and your handbag.

As you strive toward fitness remember that your habits become the fibers of who you are. Keeping habits for a long time changes those habits into fibers and threads, the fabric of the person you always wanted to be.

Don’t give up. Use intention and perseverance to get you where you want to be. Intention and perseverance are qualities that everyone can develop.

Next summer keep up the good habits that will create the person you want to be.

Nina Lomax and Frankie O’Brien work to encourage you to develop and sustain good fitness habits. These two moms have a combined total of 80+ years of fitness experience to share with you. They share their strategies and fitness videos at and

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01 Sep

Get Fit the Fun Way

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The effort and stress involved in most conventional workouts discourage people from getting fit. Here are a few activities which offer you the opportunity to lose some weight while having fun.


Walking can be a very fun way to reduce weight and stay fit. In fact, experts say that walking 10,000 steps daily can help keep you healthy. Some people think that walking only exercises your feet and legs. However, you should know that walking actually helps improve your cardiovascular system, building up blood vessels so you have more oxygen stored in your blood. This helps increase your endurance and helps you keep your energy up after a long day.

When you take a walk, remember to enjoy the journey. Some people use treadmills, but that would actually be pretty boring and would seem like too much work to be worth it. When you take a real walk or even a jog, however, you’ll get to enjoy observing what’s going on around you. You might even manage to forget that you are exercising.

Video Games

Oh yes, there are actually video games that can help you stay fit and active. This equals to a lot of fun and a lot of calories lost. One of the most popular active video games is DDR or Dance Dance Revolution. This video game involves you stepping on a dance pad in time to instructions on the screen. Just a few minutes on DDR will get your heart pounding, your sweat pouring and your face smiling.

Another option would be the ParaParaParadise dance machine. This game is actually based on a popular dancing style in Japan called “Parapara”. Although the traditional modes have specific steps to follow in order to be considered a legitimate score, the game also offers a “freestyle mode” which allows you to be more creative and be more active. Offering different difficulties accompanied by energizing music, you’ll never realize you are actually exercising on this machine. A version is also available for use with Sony’s eye-toy.

The Wii is the latest to come out with active video games. Using motion-sensor controllers, a gamer will actually have to move in order to play the games. You need to punch when playing boxing games, you need to swing the controller in order to wield your sword and slay the dragon.

The active video game also helps boost morale by making you feel as if you have accomplished something. There are high scores to beat, after all.

Martial Arts

Forget repetitive and seemingly-senseless movements. What discourages people from doing aerobics or other types of traditional exercise is that they can be pretty boring and actually only burn a few calories per hour.

Martial Arts, on the other hand, can help you burn as much as 1000 calories an hour! Now that is some exercise.

In Martial Arts, your whole body will stay active -this means you will be able to tone and shape every muscle in your body. What’s more, this workout is far cry from being boring. You get to learn a new skill, practice it against opponents and generally focus on something other than how much weight you’re supposed to be losing.

What’s great about martial arts is that every move has its purpose. Whether it’s knocking out an enemy or regenerating life energy, martial arts is something where all movements count. Did you know that people who begin practicing Tai-Chi during their retirement years can actually extend their active life?


Dancing is another activity where you can get fit without actually thinking about exercise. It allows you to let lose, get those muscles working and that blood pounding. Dancing is all about having fun and feeling good about your body and your moves. It’s all about self expression and communication without words. Real exertion in dance can burn off as much calories as martial arts!

Dancing allows you to learn a skill and improve your overall personality. It allows you to become more aware of what you can do as a person. Dance also helps relieve stress and produce endorphins for that natural high.

Actually, various types of workouts are based on dance movements. Although these workouts pretty much focus on getting the same results as your regular exercise routine, the pacing and rhythm involved makes the exercise fun and more vigorous.


Swimming is another activity that exercises the whole body. If you live near the beach or at least have a pool nearby, you should take advantage of the exercise opportunity. Of course, in order to keep fit with swimming, you’ll need to actually move. Just lounging about in the pool will not help sculpt your body.

What’s great about this activity is all the resistance you have to contend with. The water, despite supporting your buoyant body, actually causes every movement to require extra exertion. It also cools off your body. This equals to a great intense yet comfortable workout.

Why should you stress yourself when you can relax and get fit at the same time?

Workout videos shape your body with most effective fitness training program.


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27 Aug

Stride for Better Health

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Did you know that walking is one of the best activities you can do to dramatically increase your level of health?

Many people today are afflicted with “coach-potato-itis!” They come home from work, switch on their TVs and forget that their bodies need maintenance. But one day reality comes crashing through when their doctors say, “You have a problem!”

This article will show you a simple strategy for improving your health through a fun and inexpensive walking program that promises many benefits.

First, it will increase your energy level. Since walking is an aerobic exercise, it helps the heart and lungs become more efficient.

Both PCOPF (the President’s Council on Physical Fitness) and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK) state that a regular walking program can lower resting heart rates and blood pressure. It can help burn excess calories and increase muscle tone too.

Second, walking can enhance your mental health. Taking regular walks can help reduce stress and enable you to sleep better. It can also help relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. When you walk, your body produces endorphins which produce a feeling of wellbeing.

Third, it’s fun! The President’s Council on Physical Fitness (PCOPF) calls walking the most popular form of exercise. It can be very enjoyable taking walks with a friend or loved one or even in groups. My husband and I often take walks at night and discuss our day. It’s a special time for me.

Here’s what you’ll need as you begin your new walk-for-health lifestyle. Purchase a pair of comfortable shoes, sunscreen or a hat and sunglasses. Choose loose-fitting garments. Bring along a bottle of water on warm days.

But before you briskly stride out the door to begin your new adventure, you’d better check with your doctor first if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • persistent dizziness
  • chronic shortness of breath
  • high blood pressure
  • heart problems
  • chest pain

When you’re ready to begin walking regularly, there are some precautions to take. Walk during daylight hours or at night only in well-lit areas. Be sure to obey all traffic rules for pedestrians. If you decide to wear headphones, make sure you can still hear what’s going on around you – like cars honking. Stop and rest if you start feeling sick to your stomach, dizzy or experience unusual pain.

Try to walk whenever possible as part of your daily activities.

  • For example, park a distance from stores so you can get some extra exercise going to and from your destination.
  • Why not visit local parks to enjoy the beauty of nature while you’re exercising?
  • Check out the neighborhood where you live to find good routes.
  • On rainy days you can walk in malls instead of doing without your exercise time.
  • It’s a good idea to make a habit of selecting stairs instead of elevators when you need to spend time in office buildings.
  • It’s more fun if you have a companion. This is good exercise for dogs too – they love to go for walks!


Experts recommend thirty minutes of brisk striding per day. It’s best to walk every day, but you only really need to walk five days a week. This can be broken down into smaller segments of time – three ten-minute walks instead of one long 30-minute one.

Try to stride as fast as you can without overexerting yourself. You can tell when you are going at a brisk pace because your heart will beat faster and you’ll breathe deeper. However, your heart should not be racing and you should still be able to carry on a conversation.

So get off the couch, put those chips down, slip on your comfortable shoes and start striding your way to better health!



(c) 2004 by Patricia Wagner

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