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12 Feb

Benefits of Walking – The Perfect Exercise Fit For Every Lifestyle

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You have been trying to stay in shape, get back into shape and/or generally lead a healthier lifestyle; you may have bought an exercise machine or even joined a gym. So how come the gym membership has just turned into another bill and the treadmill is serving as a silent butler, with piles of laundry hanging on it? The truth is that exercise machines are boring and gym memberships are expensive (especially if you’re not using them). Why not try and enjoy the many benefits of walking – the perfect exercise!

We all live in a society which basically has eradicated any form of natural exercise which could be beneficial to us. Think about it: We basically live in our cars! We run our errands by entering drive-through restaurants, post offices and what not. You can’t simply walk to the corner store to pick up a few items, anymore. Our whole infrastructure is designed based upon the automobile and we are programmed to use it whenever possible. If you want to exercise you can drive to the gym. How ironic!

However, walking is an exercise most anyone can do. It does not cost anything and does not require special equipment to reap the benefits of walking. Walking is by far the easiest exercise and can be incorporated into any daily routine. Walking briskly 30 minutes a day, five times a week is all you need as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Walking is probably also the safest, natural form of exercise you can do. To walk most effectively, if you want to lose weight, is to alternate between intervals of slow, moderate and fast speeds during your walking session. That gives you a good cardio workout and will keep your body burning calories long after you are done walking. This walking technique is called Power Walking. Don’t forget about warming up if your walk is to contain strenuous paces to prevent injury.

You may wonder about the amount of calories burnt while walking?
The short answer is that a person burns between 80 and 100 calories per mile walked, depending on the terrain and the pace.

If you want to walk just to relax, don’t regard your walk as exercise, per se. Try to unwind and let your mind and body relax! Enjoy the sights and sounds which surround you. Take the time to take in nature: enjoy the landscape, the sound of wildlife and the fresh air! Of course it would be best if you can walk in a park setting to get the most out of your walk.

Here are some of the benefits of walking (in no particular order):


  • improves your mobility, and increases your energy level.
  • decreases your stress level.
  • is a great way to lower blood pressure bad cholesterol.
  • is a low impact exercise.
  • helps prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
  • helps you lose weight.
  • is a motivator, a “gateway exercise”. Walking gets your blood flowing and makes you want to exercise more.

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04 Sep

Walking For Health-3 Reasons Why You Should Try It

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Walking is a great way to improve your overall health and well being. It is recommended that we get at least 30 minutes of physical exercise each day, yet only a few of us work out at all. We spent most of our day sitting in our office, or in front of the computer or TV. It is time we start to make an effort to exercise a little each day and walking is one of the easiest ways to do this. Let’s take a look at three different reasons why walking for health is a good idea.

It’s Easy To Do

One big reason why walking for health is so popular is that it is easy and simple to do. You don’t need any equipment other than a pair of comfortable shoes. You can virtually work out anywhere, just hit the pavement. No matter where you are, you can go for a walk around the neighborhood, the park or even the mall.

There also aren’t any fancy techniques to learn. You already know how to walk. It’s just a matter of getting out there and getting in the habit of walking for 30 minutes to an hour each day. You can walk in the morning, during part of your lunch hour or after dinner. It’s easy to fit a walking workout in you day.

It’s Low Impact

Unlike some other sports and cardio workouts, walking is a very low impact form of exercise. Almost anyone can start walking. If you haven’t exercised in a while, get your doctors OK of course. Walking is easy on your knees and joints. It is a very gentle form of exercise. While your legs may get a little sore if you are not used to walking, that’s about the only discomfort walking will give you. There isn’t much risk for injury during a walking workout either.

It Works All Your Major Muscle Groups

You may think that walking only works your leg muscles, but that isn’t true. Walking will work all the major muscles of your core (that’s your abdomen). We are so used to walking that we often don’t realize it, but waking upright takes quite a bit of balance. The core muscles help us maintain that balance. You can work out your abs while you walk even more by sucking in your stomach. Swing your arms back and forth, use some walking poles or carry some small weights to workout your arm and shoulder muscles while you walk.

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29 May

The Benefits of Walking As a Form of Exercise

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A great, easy and inexpensive type of exercise that can amazingly bring a lot of benefit for our health is walking. Unfortunately there are a lot of people overlooking the power of walking. A lot of them are completely unaware of how powerful three brisk walks per week can do for their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

The results of taking a walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes might surprise you and looking at the end result of it can help make you change and adapt to this trend. Walking offers a large scale of benefits with few risks. Below are some of the health advantages you’ll most likely get for taking a few of minutes worth of brisk walks.


    • A study has reported that a person walking for at least 3 hours a week had a whopping 40% lower risk of stroke and heart attacks compared to another person who didn’t take the effort to walk. If you think that you have a family history of stroke or heart disease, you may want to get up from the couch and start walking.
    • Walking is easy and is not complicated compared to gym class. You don’t need to buy or rent any gym equipment nor pay for a trainer. A pair of good walking shoes, sneakers or running shoes is all you need. It’s inexpensive, safe and has few undesirable side effects compared to vigorous exercise.
    • It maybe the simplest form of exercise and walkers have lower chances of developing shin splints, torn muscles, cartilages or ligaments. Make sure to stretch your arms and legs before walking.
    • It is among the most efficient, low-impact workouts that are available.
    • This type of exercise has the capacity to help lower your blood pressure, improve your total cholesterol profile, reduce the risk of osteoporosis for women and helps lower your risk of certain kinds of cancer.
  • Surprising as it sounds, brisk walk or taking walk can help reduce stress!


How to Get Started

Although walking is safe, easy and dependable you don’t have to rush yourself. It’s always best to seek consultation to your health care provider. Get yourself screened and once your doctor gives you a go signal you can now start walking yourself to good health and fitness.

Also, you need to keep in mind your physical ability and don’t over exert yourself by trying to walk too far when just starting out. 10 miles or more is probably over doing it for most beginners. Assess and see what you’re capable of doing. Start slow and gradually build up your own pace. Eventually, you can see yourself walking for up to 10 miles without feeling restless and tired.

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06 May

Walking to Improve Health and Complexion

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Do you think that if you can’t go running 5 times a week or spend a lot of time working out in the gym, you might as well forget about health benefits from exercise? Not at all! This might be an unusual homemade recipe for beauty, but walking is grossly underestimated to improve health and looks. How can walking improve your health and complexion?

Walking for beautiful skin

A brisk walk is one of the best forms of exercise to improve blood circulation and skin tone. The color, brightness, and rosiness of your skin determine if your skin has an appealing “glow,” which is a sign of good health. As walking stimulates circulation your therefore get a rosier skin that looks healthier and more beautiful.

Studies show that walking keeps bones strong, preventing osteoporosis. It builds strength, flexibility, stamina, and promotes weight loss and weight maintenance. Additionally, walking improves sleep, enhances mental function, and can even help to counteract depression. All this is reflected in your complexion–you’ll look healthier and more appealing.

Other health benefits

Researchers found that a 15-minute walk brings more relief from anxiety and tension than a mild tranquilizer! Like other physical activities, walking triggers the release of endorphins, brain chemicals that relieve pain and stimulate relaxation, producing a sense of calm and well-being.

Even a leisurely stroll can produce health benefits. Walking as little as half a mile a day reduces mortality. Exercising three times in a day, for 10 minutes each time, will do you almost as much good as exercising continuously for 30 minutes. Try parking farther away from your destination and walking the rest of the way. Or go for a short walk sometime during the day.

Even greater benefits can come from brisk walking-you burn more calories and fat. Going from being sedentary to walking briskly for a half hour several days a week can help you lose weight and drop your risk of disease dramatically.

How to do a good workout

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Use flexible, lightweight shoes with a cushioned low heel and roomy toe box. Warm up by walking at an easy pace for the first five minutes. Maintain an upright posture, keeping the elbows and knees slightly bent and hands cupped, not clenched.

After warming up, fall into a natural, brisk stride in which the heel of the foot strikes the ground first, rolling through the step to the toes. Your pace should allow you to carry on a full conversation without getting breathless. Cool down by slowing your pace near the end of your walk.


  • Walk tall, with your chin up, focusing 15-20 feet ahead
  • Keep a moderate pace, you should to be able to converse normally
  • For extra speed, take quicker, shorter steps
  • Swing arms with elbows close to the body
  • Don’t land flat-footed but roll through each step, and push off with your toes
  • Don’t carry weights–these can strain ligaments and tendons


Pay attention to how your body responds–if you experience tightness or pain in your chest, palpitations, dizziness, or nausea, stop walking and seek immediate care.

Walking is low impact and can have a definite advantage over running and aerobics; there is less chance of injury to joints and muscles. Indeed, walking to increase circulation and burn calories is highly recommended. So, to improve your looks, take a walk!

Ken Silvers is a writer on health and skin care. For more than 20 years he has successfully used natural products for his own health problems. He is convinced that a natural and organic approach to skin care is superior to most commercial and synthetic products. For more useful information on homemade recipes for beauty visit, http://www.skincarerecipecenter.com/.

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04 Apr

Want To Improve Your Health and Fitness? Take a Walk!

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If you are looking for a fun and simple activity that you can do to raise your overall health and fitness level, look no further than taking a daily walk. There are numerous health benefits of walking, some physical and some mental. A daily walk is easy to do, requires no special equipment or gym membership, and you will start seeing (and feeling) results right away.

First of all, the health benefits of a daily walk can be seen in your physical health. Getting up and getting your body moving each day is a great way to get fit, and stay fit. This is especially true of those of us who are getting up in years.

One of the biggest enemies of health for anyone, especially the elderly, is a sedentary lifestyle. For example, if you just sit around all day, your muscles will weaken, your metabolism slow down, and you will notice that you have difficulty walking or even standing for longer periods of time. Going for a daily walk is a sure way to ensure that your muscles stay active and in good shape.

Taking a walk each day helps strengthen the heart and lungs and improves the body’s endurance and ability to use oxygen. When you walk, your heart works harder so it can pump oxygenated blood from the lungs to muscles and internal organs.

In addition, to the benefits to the heart and lungs, you will also feel improvement in your legs and feet. Walking gives your legs and feet increased blood flow and stimulation that will relieve tension and stiffness, and enable you to walk further with less effort and pain.

Although walking can provide dramatic physical health improvements, not all of the benefits are of a physical nature. Walking also improves mental health and functioning. Many people enjoy taking a daily walk to help ease their mind, and regain mental clarity.

Time alone each day outside with nature is a great way to leave your cares behind and focus on positive thoughts. You can even use this time walking as a time for meditation and reflection. A good way to do this is to find a place such as a park or pathway that is quiet but not completely secluded to go for a walk every day. Stay moving for at least 20 minutes, and preferably more if possible for maximum benefits. This will be plenty of time to get your lungs and heart working, and your blood pumping to your body parts.

If you haven’t yet begun taking a walk each day, what’s holding you back? I encourage you to start as soon as you’re done reading this. If you want to improve your health and fitness without joining a gym or buying fancy exercise equipment, walking is a sure way to do it. Once you commit to doing it, you will start to see and feel the health benefits of taking a daily walk before you even know it.

One great way to walk for improved fitness and health is to use an exercise machine in the comfort of your own home. Two good choices to consider include the Weslo Cadence R 5-2 Treadmill and the very reasonably priced Stamina e1000 Elliptical Trainer. Good luck as you exercise!

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16 May

Walk More for Your Health At The Workplace

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Studies show that there is a direct link to the amount of time you sit and the increased chance of obesity, heart diseases, blood clots, and many other health problems associated with sitting down in a chair. The best thing to do is to get out of your chair and start to walk. You take a walk here, you take walk there, and in a course of a day, it adds up and it will definitely help you counteract the negative side affects of being sedentary. The comfy chair you are used to at work, at the home, may not be so safe after all in the long term.

To get walking into your daily life, here are a few ways to do it.

1. Walk around the building, or use the stairs instead of just standing outside puffing away at a cigarette. That way you can burn some calories from prolong periods of sitting down.

2. Make an effort to park farther away from the office to force you to get some walking in. A few blocks farther will make you walk and burning some calories.

3. Using the stairs is also a great way to get some workouts in while you go to work as well. Every little bit adds up over time

But don’t just add walking into your life and stop there. There are also plenty of desk exercises that you can do to keep your body limber and active even if you spend most of your day working on a computer. Also, keeping a healthy lunch also plays a big factor into your overall health as well.

If you like to know more about exercise in the office, I invite you to visit:

http://www.inshapeattheoffice.com for desk exercises, office fitness tips for busy working people.

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18 Mar

Improve Your Health With Fitness Walking

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Fitness walking may be one of the best ways to start an exercise program if you have been a couch potato for a long time. This is a great way to get moving, lose weight, and improve your outlook all in one simple plan. Walking is one of the most successful forms of exercise you can try because it is so easy to get started and you are able to set small goals that can be achieved.

Walking for fitness will give you the freedom to exercise indoors or outside. The options you have are many as it is all up to you. People who regularly walk as their primary means of exercise will often find their health improving as time goes by.

When you are starting out walking should probably be the foundation of your fitness schedule. It is always wise to check with your doctor before starting any fitness program, and that advice is especially important if it has been a long time since you have exercised.

It is important to start slowly if you are not used to exercising. Even though you are walking you need to take it somewhat easy at first. Don’t get so excited with your new passion that you overdo it and hurt yourself. There will be plenty of time for endurance walking after you get in shape.

I love to walk because it gives me time to think. Lots of business decisions are made on a track or treadmill. Many people listen to their favorite music while pounding the pavement. You get physical and mental fitness all in one package.

Fitness walking will help burn the extra calories away making it easier to stay trim and slim. You will soon find your overall fitness level improving. People often discover they can accomplish so much more than they could before starting. Most people feel better about themselves after sticking to a walking program.

Keeping track of the miles you walk is important and you should have some sort of record keeping system. A daily walking log will help you see the small steps to success. Always reward yourself when you reach a milestone. This helps keep you motivated and makes it harder to stop your program.

Although you may start with small 20 minute walks before you know it you will be going for 45 and 60-minute walks. Some people prefer to break up their routine with two 30-minute walks one in the morning and one after supper.

Walking is about the best way there is to start exercising. It is not as hard on your body as other forms of exercise. Although it is hard to get started walking if you just do it your health will thank you in so many ways.

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30 Jul

Weight Loss Through Walking

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No one really likes the thought of exercising to lose weight. Just the thought of seeing someone pumping iron, doing aerobics, while sweating profusely is enough to make anyone turn away. It doesn’t have to be that way though. One of the greatest and simplest forms of weight loss is walking. Think about this for a minute.

– Walking is something we do every day of our lives. We don’t need to learn how to do it.

– Walking is inexpensive. No having to buy special food, pills, or liquids. You don’t have to purchase exercise equipment, or join an expensive health club.

– Walking does so much more than just help you lose weight. It helps with your overall fitness.

– Walking is peaceful and can be a lot of fun.

When you decide to begin walking to lose those added pounds, there are only a few things to keep in mind.

Buy a good pair of walking shoes. Your feet will love you for this! Don’t just throw on an old pair of 10 year old sneakers and begin walking 2 miles. You will regret it by the time your finished. Spend $40 or so and get yourself a nice pair of shoes to walk in. It’s money well spent.

Be sure to wear a good thick pair of socks. It will help keep your feet even more comfortable. Also wear loose fitting clothing. If you try walking 2 miles in a tight fitting pair of pants, you may look good doing it, but you won’t be feeling very good at the end of your walk.

Take a personal radio or CD player with you. Have a good set of headphones that stay on your head. Enjoy yourself while walking and losing weight.

One of the most important keys to walking and losing weight is to take it slowly. Don’t try to overdo it and walk 5 miles your first few days, or weeks. Start out with a mile, or even less if necessary. Gradually work your way up to longer distances.

Pace yourself while walking. If you feel you’re starting to get out of breath, stop for a while. You don’t have to walk fast or jog to lose weight. Simply by walking a nice pace will give you surprising results.

Walk for at least 20-30 minutes at a time. If you only walk for 10 minutes, you’re not going to see much in the way of weight loss. You need to walk for 30 minutes to get your heart rate up and body working. Also, try to walk at least 4 times a week. Every other day is good. Walking can be done in your neighborhood or in a nice local park. You can enjoy your surroundings and listen to your favorite music. 30 minutes will fly by before you know it.

Keep track of your weight loss with a good set of scales at home. By walking 2 miles, 3-4 times a week, you should begin seeing results within a week or two. By the end of a month you will be shocked at the pounds your body is losing. Walking is by far the easiest and most beneficial way to weight loss there is. It’s natures way of keeping us all healthier.

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03 Apr

The Benefits of Walking on a Regular Basis

Article By Hamish Hayward


Walking is a fantastic form of exercise which unfortunately, given the many benefits it offers, is often overlooked. It’s an activity that almost anyone can do – no special equipment, training or expertise is required. There’s no need to make a special trip to the gym (and no membership fees either) – so you can fit it into your daily schedule whenever it’s most convenient for you. The dropout rate for walking is much lower than other forms of exercise – and it can be continued up to an age when many other exercise forms would be out of the question for the majority of people. It’s also a low impact type of workout and, in comparison with other physical activities, has a very low risk of injury.

Perhaps we have a “no pain, no gain” mentality – but it can be difficult for many to credit that an exercise which is so easy, cheap and readily available can deliver significant benefits. However, the benefits are both well established and numerous.

Walking can help to lower your blood pressure. It can lower the probability of stroke and heart disease. It can combat anxiety and depression, raise your mood and improve your mental health. Regular walking will provide you with higher energy levels – you will feel less tired during the day. It can even lower the risk of certain forms of cancer. Recent studies have even suggested that it could be an effective way to minimize the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. For many people, the main attraction will be the fact that walking burns calories and leads to weight loss and a reduction of body fat.

It’s an impressive list of health benefits which is, in fact incomplete. There are a number of other benefits attributable to walking but those listed above should serve to illustrate just what an effective and beneficial activity it is. Small changes to your daily routine are all that’s needed to achieve these benefits. Walking for as little as 30 minutes a day will have a positive impact. If you can build up to 10,000 steps daily – equivalent to 5 miles a day for most people, and more easily achievable than you might think – you will really notice the benefits. You will feel better and look better.

You will often hear the advice that you should leave the car at home and walk to work, or the shops or school. However, if the distance is to great to make that a practical proposition, and it will be for many people, then there are many other opportunities to reap the rewards of walking, many of which will be realistic for you. For example, if you travel by bus or metro, you could get off one or two stops in advance of your destination and walk the remainder of the distance. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator every second time. Take a 15 minute walk during your lunch break. These are all very achievable minor improvements which will gradually produce improvements in your health and fitness levels.

Don’t forget to seek the advice of your doctor before starting on any new exercise regime – especially if you haven’t exercised for a while or if you have any long term medical condition. However, the key to achieving the health benefits on offer is consistent and regular exercise. There’s absolutely no need to over exert yourself or get all hot and bothered. Include walking as a part of your day to day routine and you will soon look better, feel better, be more energetic and, most importantly, be able to enjoy life more.

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26 Mar

Benefits of Walking for Exercise

Article By Michael Mukoyogo

Oh come on! Walking for exercise?? isn’t that too easy?

Well perhaps, but there are a number of reasons why walking can work as a great form of exercise. Yes it is kind of easy, but that’s a good thing since it also yields so many benefits. Besides, the best workouts are the ones we actually do. An hour of walking for exercise is a lot more beneficial than the 30 minutes on the treadmill that you never get round to doing because you just can’t face it.

Here are some reasons why walking for exercise just might be the thing for you.

1)You’re already doing it
Not only is it functional but for most of us the problem with a routine isn’t getting started. A burst of enthusiasm and equipment does the trick, but it doesn’t last, and so the challenge is staying the course. Those January gym memberships that are unused by March are such a cliché because its so common.

The good thing about walking is that you already do it. You can do more, or you can do less, but its just a matter of degrees. So its just a case of steadily increasing the amount to a point you are happy with.

2)Its the most natural form of exercise
You don’t have to learn how to do it. You don’t have to go to a gym. You don’t need a personal trainer or a guidebook to make it happen. Walking is something that you can do without the whole gym thing being a factor. It fits easily into your schedule, and not the other way around: the definition of fitness to fit you.

3)You can easily vary intensity for aerobic conditioning
You set the pace. As you get fitter you can go further and faster more often. Its possible to walk fast enough to make it quite a workout especially when you factor in geography such as stairs, hills and inclines. Design the course to fit your needs.

4)Its not going to injure you
Many people suffer sports injuries and end up in a world of hurt with their exercise choices, but walking is no risk, and no problem. You really aren’t likely to end up one of the walking wounded.

5)It tones the legs and bum
It burns fat, has aerobic benefits and works the legs and glutes. Sounds about perfect to me.

6)You can keep it up for life
The best health habits are those we can stick with anytime, anyplace, anywhere and any age. You really can enjoy the benefits of walking forever, so start as you mean to go on. Walk on.

For more on fitness to fit you and walking for exercise and weight loss, visit http://www.underwearbody.com/weight-loss/walking-for-weight-loss-and-a-lean-toned-body.

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