11 Nov

The Benefits of Walking for Weight Loss

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There are lots of exceptional benefits to be gained from walking whether it’s for weight-loss or not? You can walk where you want, when you want and for however long you want; but more important; at whatever intensity you wish is very appealing to lots of people.

Weight-loss and walking really can and do go hand-in-hand. Weight-loss can be difficult for lots of people and for lots of different reasons. Whereas walking is the most natural form of movement you body was designed for.

There are countless ways that walking for weight-loss can benefit you directly, no matter whom you are or how fit or unfit you may feel Walking will give you excellent benefits in a short period of time!

A fast number of people still associate exercise with pain! Not many people associate walking as an exercise because; in their normal lives they walk every day! To the shops, to the bus stop, to the school, take the dog for a walk!

We perform the same tasks day in day out, No problems! this is known as “life” just as we need to work to earn money, and we need to move around to do the same chores that are necessary and need doing every day.

We move around the house performing tasks that we repeat every day without thinking, it’s natural and it’s normal. Walking for weight-loss is not just for people who want to lose weight from walking.

The beauty of it is, everybody can benefit from walking! No matter what age you are at: it is also free, and it is fun. It gets families and friends out into the fresh air, which is always a bonus.

How long do you and your kids spend watching T V, or playing on the Play Station the Wee, or the X-Box…??? Our lives are being taken over by computers of all kinds, time to fight back.

Why do you think children all over the world are suffering from Obesity? Because we live in the 21 century run 90% by computers and Gaming Consoles. Give yourself and your kids a break from all of this, Start walking now! Show them that there is life outside of their bedroom!

Nearly 70% of children worldwide do not “Play Out” anymore, they actually “Play-In”…!!! It’s no wonder that Child Obesity is at epidemic proportion. This figure is set to rise dramatically if our children are left to sit in there rooms alone and totally lost in play station games. This is a most unhealthy practice!

Walking for weight-loss! Walking for exercise! Walking for fitness or just walking for fun with the kids! Whichever one suites you the best just go for it. Do yourself and your family some serious good!

Try this to start with; before involving the rest of the family walk for 15 minutes per day for 6 days. Rest on day 7. Try to walk at the same time each day! After 14 days; increase your time to 30 minutes a day!

As you walk just repeat to yourself Fitter, Stronger, Healthy Heart…! If you honestly do not feel better in any way after trying this then do not involve the family.

You will feel so much better in a relatively short period of time and the family will enjoy being together and having some quality time while getting fitter, stronger, healthier, this will lead to an all round feeling of well-being for the whole family.

Micky Power.

FUN! That’s the most important aspect of my articles about Walking for Fun and Fitness.
Walking is Free for everyone; it’s an Easy and gentle form of exercise and very low impact.

You will start to see, very sure but steady results with your health, and all round well being. That’s the beauty of walking for fun; The benefits creep up on you slowly, and they are really effective. I know this to be true as I have experienced it personally.



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